sunnystaines 08:31 14 Aug 2010

anyone know the answer to this one.

why can you go to a pet stall in a market and get several kilos of them for £1 to £3.

but in supermakets/shops natural peanuts you only get a small pack for similar price.

market says they are not for human consumption but did not know why.

  zzzz999 08:37 14 Aug 2010

I suspect its just different ground nuts. The 'monkey nuts' we humans usually eat probably being better quality, whereas the animal and bird feed nuts a poorer quality of ground nut. I suspect you would still be able to eat them.

  morddwyd 08:38 14 Aug 2010

Probably age.

Peanuts are age critical and can be very toxic if past their best.

I believe they cause total liver failure.

  zzzz999 08:44 14 Aug 2010

eeek ignore my advice regarding suspecting you can still eat them

  zzzz999 08:48 14 Aug 2010

Just had a google re peanuts. Peanuts can have a mold that can cause serious illness. The fit for human consumption nuts (sold by Tesco, etc) are properly washed and heat treated to kill any possibility of mold, hence the extra cost.

  Forum Editor 08:49 14 Aug 2010

that can be present on peanuts, and it produces a toxin called Aflatoxin, which causes liver damage, and is known to be carcinogenic.

The mould can grow on peanuts that are stored in bulk in damp, warm conditions. Amounts present in peanut crops for sale to humans are carefully monitored - dried and/or heated nuts are far safer. If Aflatoxins are detected at anywhere near danger levels the peanuts are not allowed to be sold for human consumption - they end up in petfood shops.

The risk from Aflatoxin in peanuts for human consumption is very low, but it's wise not to buy peanuts in bulk, or to store them for long periods. Keep your peanut butter in the fridge once it's been opened, and you'll be fine.

  sunnystaines 09:00 14 Aug 2010

thanks for all the info.

we feed the market peanuts to birds, but the only birds to eat them are blue tits they seem to gorge themselves on them. they must be immune to the bacteria.

we make a lot of nut and seed butters in a vitamix but had never made peanut butter always bought it in large tubs [salt/sugar/palmoilcornsyrup free]and were considering making our own when this point came up.

  lisa02 09:47 14 Aug 2010

We watch a show on Discovery recently that showed exactly what the FE talks about, the show is "How it's made".

It's very informative and the kids enjoy it.

  spuds 12:10 14 Aug 2010

As previously been stated its all to do with toxins, even pet foods have to be certified as 'toxin free'. Its not a case of supplying 'unfit' food into the system.

I purchase quite a bit of bulk animal foods, and the savings can be very generous compared to 'other' outlets. All our bird seeds come in 20kg bags, the dog food in 15kg bags, and other feeds by the tonnage.

If you do buy bulk bird seed, try to get the 'season' buys. Peanuts in bird seed in the breeding or young season is not recommended, But in the winter or colder months, a few peanuts can work wonders, as can bird or suet balls.

The same savings can apply to animal drugs. We use both prescription (vets note) and non prescription drugs for our animals. A simple phone call and the supplies are usually next day.

  john bunyan 13:02 14 Aug 2010

I agree with FE and spuds. When you buy ground nuts (their original name) you insist an aflatoxin free certificate - from an internationally certified laboratory. I used to work in a multinational that bought thousands of tonnes.A major source in international trade is Senegal in W Africa. Incidentally groundnut oil is very good at being long lasting and less prone to problems with higher temperature cooking.

  sunnystaines 13:08 14 Aug 2010

tried suet balls once bought half a dozen of them the birds never touched them.

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