PCW computers no longer have modems

  Totally-braindead 13:12 29 Aug 2007

I was round at a friends this morning, he just bought a nice Compaq PC from PCW and he was unable to connect up to his dial up. I had a look on the back, where he was connecting the phone line to and he was connecting it to the LAN which he thought was the modem.
It didn't work.
Anyway on phoning PCW he was told on the phone that all their PCs now come setup for Broadband and none of them have modems installed.
Personally I thought this was a bit weird but thats what was said. Anyway hes not too pleased as he told them specifically that he used the internet so little he didn't want BB and was going to stay on dial up and this is what they sold him.
Now its a nice computer don't get me wrong, and he got a good price but when he mentioned he wanted to stay with dial up should they not have at least mentioned that he would need to buy and install a modem?

  paul€ 13:28 29 Aug 2007

It's like floppy drives, they think only a minority of users use them, but they are wrong. There is still a large amount of people still on dial-up and still people who use a floppy drive.

If you friend mentioned that they were still on dial-up, you would of thought they would have checked or told them that they don't come with internal modems now. I am surprised they didn't try to sell him/her an external usb dial-up modem, do pcworld stock them?

I suppose if you friend is not pleased with the machine, they could return kit as it is " not fit for it's purpose" i.e. connecting to a dial-up service. They might fit an internal modem for your friend for free:)

They still seem to put them into laptops, I take it this is a desktop. You could always get a cheap one and bung it in or take the one from the old machine and put it in the new machine.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:56 29 Aug 2007

What are these 'modem', 'floppy' and 'dial-up' things of which you speak?


  Riojaa 14:03 29 Aug 2007

I get very annoyed when I buy a new pc only to find that there is no access point for my magnetic tape nor my punch hole card reader machines.

  Pine Man 14:11 29 Aug 2007

Not to mention my 5.25 inch floppy!

  Diemmess 14:32 29 Aug 2007

I have fax numbers for two contacts which need to pay trifling sums each year and prefer invoices to word of mouth.
From last Spring I no longer have a dial-up modem, and will have to use snail mail.

I did fit a floppy drive to my new computer because my wife uses a hand-me-down Olympus camera for which I use a "Flash Path case" like a floppy, into which I have popped the camera's mem card. (A sort of Mk.1 card reader)
There are some old files still on floppy which I look at very occasionally.
Another feeble excuse is that some friends still offer me data on a floppy, well one does anyway!
Seven years really doesn't seem that long since I last bought a floppy disk.
Now like everyone else, most exchange information is either email, CD if I must, or that truly brilliant device a pen drive.

Oh, and I have a undergraduate grandson who takes files of his work in on a floppy so as to print out on university facilities.

  Riojaa 14:39 29 Aug 2007

On a serious note I still can't find the BBC test card on my new tv set. click here
All I seem to get is 24hr wall to wall random pixel light shows!
I really should move with the times.

  muscic lover 14:55 29 Aug 2007

I cant connect my tape recorder to the PC to play my old ZX Spectrum games...... Oh the joy of watching the screen go all yellow/black lines and then after 15 minutes loading it crashes!

  techie4me 15:33 29 Aug 2007

Most new pc's do not have Modems inside the pc as most now use USB.
This is getting more wide spread across most pc makers.

  Pesala 15:38 29 Aug 2007

From this Yahoo article click here it seems that about 84% (51/61) of UK Internet Users now have broadband, so some 16% do not. In light of that some of the comments above are inappropriate.

A search through Consumer Watch will indicate that PC World does not have the best reputation for presales advice and after sales support. I would not hesitate to recommend Novatech who provided my latest PC.

I think it is now pretty much standard for PCs to be sold without modems or floppy drives, but if you haven't bought a PC before or for some years you might not expect this. Since it was made clear before purchase that dial-up access was required, the sales person should have known that a modem was required.

I would suggest taking the PC back to PCW and asking for a modem to be fitted free of charge. If they want to charge for installation (as well as the modem), ask for a full refund and buy one from Novatech. click here

  paul€ 15:57 29 Aug 2007

Really good positive posting Pesala.

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