pc's 1980 advert..

  barca1 23:53 12 Mar 2008

can you guess the pc there using..loooool back in the day..omg i can remember thinking that i was jealous my m8 had one & i didnt

click here

  barca1 23:54 12 Mar 2008

give's PCA a run for there money..lol

  Jak_1 00:07 13 Mar 2008

If you could afford a computer back then!

  barca1 00:17 13 Mar 2008

OOOOH jak_1 if only eh..lol i had a tape recorder & remember walking outside with it....days of breakdance he..lol

  finlay.mitchel 03:27 13 Mar 2008

i can't see it, my network says its an over 18's site. Is it a Tandy?

  laurie53 07:48 13 Mar 2008

I think it cost about £75 (the Speccy, not the course) which may not sound like much now, but back then was at least a couple of week's wages for most folk.

  tillybaby 08:01 13 Mar 2008

Wow, that brought back some memories,

Tandy!! That's another outlet I'd forgotten about too.

  BT 08:13 13 Mar 2008

I've still got all my old computers
2 - 48k Spectrums in accessory Keyboards
1 - 128k Spectrum+ unused in original Package
1 - 128k Spectrum +2
1 - SAM 512k

I've also got the 'Home Computer Course' shown in the Video clip, both editions. The 2 Volume original and the 6 volume 'Advanced'

  DANZIG 08:25 13 Mar 2008

I had one of them, the Speccy. My second computer (first being the ZX81).

I loved it - can't remember doing my household budget on it though!! Then again I was 12 when I got it.

  Pine Man 08:45 13 Mar 2008

I had the ZX81 and ran a flight simulator on it. You couldn't actually see or hear anything - just follow the typed instructions onscreen!

Wrong - you could hear something, the screeching from the cassette player as the program took 7 minutes to load!!

  BT 17:07 13 Mar 2008

When I started the last job I had in 1985 there were just 3 computers on the whole site. They were Commodore Pets and were used to record the Lab results on a database (written in Basic).They had twin disc external drives and every Monday morning you had to copy the database program onto a new 5 1/4 inch floppy for the weeks results. The boss then had the previous weeks disc and printed out the hard copy. How simple things were in those days. When I left there 20 years later we were using SAP software on a huge networked sytem,and how complicated was that!

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