PCAdvisor tv user reviews,

  wolfie3000 10:54 25 Jun 2009

Was wandering through the videos on the PCA tv channel and got to wondering about the user reviews,

Is it possible to submit our own?

Maybe a short piece on some of the new tech we own.
If not can we suggest reviews that are on youtube, i would recommend Ashens.

Hes funny and always finds the weirdest tech around.

  paul trotter 16:01 25 Jun 2009

We would love to include PCA readers' user reviews on the site. The reason we've not mentioned it before is that we've been considering a way to allow you to submit them directly (at the moment we're using YouTube as a way to gauge interest in the idea) but haven't put anything in place yet. B

But for now, if you'd like to submit a video review, upload your clip to YouTube and send us a link.

Paul Trotter, PCA

  JYPX 16:54 25 Jun 2009

Great idea. Even though I have great respect for the review staff on the magazine I have to say that a strong recommendation for a product from a familiar forum name counts a lot with me. Video review - even better.

  Forum Editor 18:25 25 Jun 2009

and we'll look forward to your YouTube links, but...........

Please remember that we will delete any links that point to content which is not in our opinion acceptable in the forum. You should also avoid any defamatory references to manufacturers or suppliers in your review.

Anyone who says:-

'If XYZ think they can get away with charging £100 for a USB cable they are a bunch of thieving magpies, and you should avoid them like the plague'

Or anything along those lines will find their link deleted in double quick time.

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