PCAdvisor site loading slowly!

  drbeeching 15:11 13 Apr 2007

Are their problems with the PC Advisor website?
Had problems getting in & pages loading.
Are there problems with the Server??

  p;3 15:15 13 Apr 2007

all KINDS of problems for the past 24 hours or so....and may well continue too... you are not alone by any means!!!!!

  The Brigadier 15:16 13 Apr 2007

It's starting to get silly.
Pull the site for a few days to do the work it obviously needs!

  Totally-braindead 15:19 13 Apr 2007

Its when I type a long answer and the site fails that I go daft.

  p;3 15:54 13 Apr 2007

my reply to yours failed to get there::(((

try again;

start a long reply in Word; link it to the relevent thread on here; then copy and paste it when ready; also, copy a long reply ; then if forum goes off line when you click 'post reply' you can then paste IT to a word document for ....later.....

  johndrew 16:00 13 Apr 2007

I think this links to click here which also contains a fair lump of unhappiness.

  simonjary 16:10 13 Apr 2007

We are suffering some server problems here at PC Advisor, and have all our best people trying to sort them out - by rapidly isolating different areas of the site to work out what's going wrong. We hope to be back to normal service soon.

We will be moving to a new super-robust server at the end of this month - at great expense but with benefit that the site should never suffer outages again!

Simon Jary, Publisher, PC Adivsor

  The Brigadier 17:04 13 Apr 2007

Oh well may have another 17 days of a 2nd rate service if you cant find the problems!

  anskyber 17:09 13 Apr 2007

I hope you will forgive my slight mirth but it is highly amusing to me (I am sure not to you!) that it's a computer related site with computer problems.

  Forum Editor 17:45 13 Apr 2007

I'm sure you don't mean to sound so offensive, but you do. Have you any idea of the work required to keep everything afloat on a 24/7/365 basis? We don't just operate this site - our company has dozens of them, and some of them are running with us on this server.

It all requires constant monitoring and hard work, and when the gremlins strike there isn't always a technician sitting in the corner, keyboard on lap, waiting for something to go wrong.

At times like this, comments such as "It's starting to get silly. Pull the site for a few days to do the work it obviously needs!" from someone who probably hasn't a clue what it all entails is less than helpful, to put it mildly. We've kept this forum going right around the clock for over six years now, and although we've had our problems our up-time record for a busy public-access forum is good by any standards.

  anskyber 17:53 13 Apr 2007

"I'm sure you don't mean to sound so offensive, but you do"

I assume the comment is addressed towards me. You would be quite correct it was not intended to be offensive so given that it has read in such fashion I certainly apologise for the remark. You may have spotted on the other thread about the site i have posted something which reflects my thoughts. the post was made before i read this one otherwise I would have posted it here instead.

If its not me then perhaps I can bank the apology for the time when I might need it.

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