pcadvisor competitions

  wolfie3000 20:21 16 Aug 2005

Why are the pcadvisor competitions all the same?
It seems that you answer a simple question about the prize and thats it.
Cant they have a few where some artistic or brain power is used?
This would im sure make for a better and more interesting competition.
here are a few ideas like photos of the most untidyest desk or screen captures of the best looking desktop?

  spikeychris 20:37 16 Aug 2005

It would then become subjective.

  wolfie3000 20:48 16 Aug 2005

would it matter if it was subjective blue peter hold drawing competitions all the time thats subjective i think it wouldnt matter as long as it livened it up abit rather than answering a really simple question.
Add a bit of fun i can appreciate it would mean more time spent on the competition for pcadvisor but it would be better than the ones that are already on here i entered the one for the taurus computer i spent longer filling in my name and addressthan answering the question.

  007al 21:36 16 Aug 2005

it would mean every entry being read instead of correct entries picked at random by computer.would you have the time to sit and read each one?...i wouldnt

  wolfie3000 21:41 16 Aug 2005

I can understand that, my point is thatit would make a change for a more fun competition sometimes.
Maybe a competition that ran for several issues.
I would like to know the F.E,s responce?

  spuds 22:38 16 Aug 2005

I never win competitions, so the question doesn't apply to me :o(>

  Forum Editor 23:17 16 Aug 2005

are fine for specialised subjects like photography or Graphic art, but you can't run them in a general interest magazine - there would be complaints that the competition was weighted in favour of those people who possessed certain skill-sets.

That's why most magazine competitions have questions that are fairly easy to answer - it means that more people get a chance to win.

  wolfie3000 01:17 17 Aug 2005

I understand what you mean but it was only a suggestion to liven up the website/magazine but most competitions are subjective tv shows that everyone watches there competitions are subjective I.E. Blue peter and so on
As i stated earlier its just a bit of fun just something more than just reading a passage about the prize and then writing what it said.
The competitions could have categories like best and worst so everyone stands a chance the winner could be voted for by the readers of the magazine and online.
You have to admit the taurus competition was a little to easy asking how many screens the prize had when there was a picture of it.
i dont see the point of a competition that easy.
but to conclude i am just making suggestions for something to liven up the competition area thats all.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:55 17 Aug 2005

People enter competitions to win, the subject matter is usually irrelevant.


  Sethhaniel 09:48 17 Aug 2005

irrelevant ---
is that the big gray thing with flappy ears and a trunk :)

Well this week is the first week I have entered PCA's competitions on line - so expecting results ;)

  Stuartli 14:07 17 Aug 2005

You don't seemed to have gleaned the purposes of running such competitions...:-)

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