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  sean-278262 18:23 02 Jun 2008

Am I the only one here that is finding the navigation portion of the website to be annoying these days? A few years ago the helprooms were all easily accessed without having to scroll down. Now on a 15.4inch laptop I have to scroll down to give help and advice to people.

I know that some of the links are paying to keep the site alive but considering the point of these forums is to give help and advice and that these are probably the most important part of the site I feel that they are being pushed aside.

OK I accept that computex is topical and should of course be covered however, I cant understand the point of an RSS link. Surely this should be using the now universal icon used by almost everyone to signify RSS feeds. Also it must make it harder for people to subscribe if they are new to the site by placing it hidden in the menu. Most places I have ever subscribed to RSS have the icon either at the very top or very bottom of the pages.

Surely the forums link in the upper part of the bar could have that link swapped out to turn the part listing all the fora labelled "forums".

OK it might be nit picking, and I know the site is supported by advertising but surely there should be a bit more effort put in to make the site easier to navigate. It seems to me that there are way to many links and it just looks cluttered. It certainly must feel intimidating for visitors who are technophobes, can we get a bit more organisation FE, I am starting to worry the site might intimidate new users and push them away from signing up to have help dished out.

And before anyone says, no I dont want the site totally redesigned just the page navigation structure modified a bit to make navigation a bit easier. Finding things is a getting more difficult because you have to read everything to find the place you want to be.

Any comments.

  mrwoowoo 18:30 02 Jun 2008

It's only a small movement of the mouse wheel.
Takes about 0.2 seconds.... No problem here.

  sean-278262 18:36 02 Jun 2008

Not a problem, just PCA seems very clutter from days of yore.

click here*/click here

Have a look through 2007 the site seemed so much brisker then and easier to navigate. I use PCA throughout the day and when I am on the forums navigating quickly to various sections including the downloads section is important to get links for those asking for help.

Just a suggestion and Im sure there will be a good mix of agreeing and disagreeing.


  sean-278262 18:39 02 Jun 2008

Oh as those links didnt work
click here

click here*/click here

click here

  Jim Thing 19:29 02 Jun 2008

It's reassuring to find that I'm not alone in disliking cluttered displays. Unfortunately the 'maximum clutter' phenomenon seems to be a house-style requirement not only for computer displays but also for some television programmes.

The worst example I can think of offhand* is the Sky Sports News on Freeview channel 83. Its main item, which has a sound track, competes for one's attention with a full-with a text panel which displays brief news items and which changes every few seconds, a full-width tickertape which runs continuously across the bottom of the screen, and a stream of statistics panels showing league tables, leading scorers and so on, which occupies the full depth of the screen on the right-hand side. The total effect is nightmarish and I find myself able to take in very little of it.

Is this infuriating style perhaps a fashion carried over from current kiddywink programmes?

* I don't have Sky or satellite TV but I wouldn't be surprised if there were even worse examples around.

And, to revert to the topic of website clutter, I don't think PCA is among the worst offenders — not by a long way.

  Jim Thing 19:33 02 Jun 2008

Sorry about the careless nonsense in my second paragraph. I was too quick off the mark with the Post Response button.

  Totally-braindead 20:10 02 Jun 2008

It is harder to navigate now, its been said before by me and others. I don't like the changes because they just make the site less user friendly but its what they do for advertising revenue etc. Its the price you pay to keep the site free I suppose.

  sean-278262 20:26 02 Jun 2008

I agree about the advertising revenues, I know the site remains free because of this. However, there are some obvious ways that the navigation could be improved, such as those I have posted above. Little tweaks will soon make the site easier to browse for veterans of the forum as well as new members looking for an answer, especially with the "TOPIC ZONES:" as to new users I'm sure this looks like the route to the forums.

If anything I would rather see a second navigation panel to reduce the overall size of the clutter to more manageable scrolling, rather than the site remain cluttered like it is now.

click here
here is a prime example of a page which highlights just how silly the navigation panel is when a page has little content.

  sean-278262 20:27 02 Jun 2008

Oh and changes can also be benifical to the way advertising is presented. So it is as far as I can see a win win situation.


  laurie53 20:54 02 Jun 2008

I must admit that if one is already in the Forums one would expect the relevant menu, i.e. the Forums, to be readily accessible and visible.

  wolfie3000 21:01 02 Jun 2008

I actually think the PCA website and forum is layed out well,
Iv never had a problem navigating it.

My only wish is that when links appear in the forum that they could be red instead of dark blue so they draw more attention to themselves, as iv missed some links.
Must be my eyes.

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