PCA Subscription Renewal - Nuisance Calls

  Jay-Jay 08:18 19 Sep 2006

I've recently decided not to renew my PCA annual subscription after many happy years.

Now I find that Subscriptions Marketing Limited, their agent in soliciting subscription renewals, is nuisance calling myself / my wife twice a day, every day.

You'd think that several conversations with myself (the ex-subscription holder) which included such gems as go "forth and multiply in a far away place"; "you illegitimate individual" and "I never want to hear from you again" would drive home the message that I do not want this useless company ringing me at home as I do not want to renew my subscription.

The joy after last nights invective was short lived as the agent, decided to have his own back by immediately calling me back and "silent calling me" – but you could tell it was a person as there was noise in the background.

Has anyone else experienced the joys of Subscriptions Marketing Ltd and their incessant sales attempts?

Anyone else having problems with them should consider:-

· Write to the Managing Director at their registered address of Subscriptions Marketing Limited, 10 Orange Street, Haymarket, London, WC2H 7DQ, (as listed at Companies House) company number # 03434215, detailing your complaint (and in my special case mentioning the agent who thought he was been clever by creating a stalker call – a certain calibre of employee I'm sure you'll agree)
· Submit a Data Subject Access Request asking for every scrap of information on every system they hold and hope they do not respond within the DPA limit of 28 days so you can then refer them to the Data Commissioner.
· Complain to OfCom of this companies inability to understand that the individual does not wish to receive calls, has staff which deliberately generate silent calls and call repeatedly at inappropriate times of the day (late morning and early afternoon)
· Complain to PC Advisor of the company which acts as their agent which is acting in an appalling way.
· Post something onto PCA website expressing your dissatisfaction at their agents actions.

Either this post will be flooded with like minded comments – in which case it will be interesting to see any editorial replies or will be erased.

  spikeychris 08:36 19 Sep 2006

Have you followed your own advice and complained to PCA?

  Jay-Jay 08:42 19 Sep 2006

SpikeyChris - I'm writing to the complaints department this morning.

Pattoo - "Some poor soul doing his job" - he choose to sell his soul for a few pieces of silver by working telephone sales. Whilst I agree, my reaction to that poor soul was excessive, the "pretty please don't call me again" * 3 just hasn't worked. As to making nusiance calls, the dialler he was working on will have tagged the call to that agent, his "clever" action will backfire as no reputible company will employ sales agents which commit criminal acts.

  lisa02 08:56 19 Sep 2006

"he choose to sell his soul for a few pieces of silver by working telephone sales."

Everyone has to earn a living, and that should be without getting grief and insults like the ones you described as "gems" hurled at them.

In any case I detect a bit of over exaggeration about the story here aswell.

  Jay-Jay 09:05 19 Sep 2006

Calls at around 11am / 3:45to 4pm every day for 2 weeks.
When i spoken to them previously, the really nice - please don't call me approach just hasn't worked.

As to over-exaggeration - why would I over-egg it ? Nothing to gain by doing so. I'm recounting an experience.

As to earn a living - is there really nothing else this individual could do than pressure people into buying something they don't want - something morally wrong here.

  lisa02 09:10 19 Sep 2006

and it runs out in Dec. It's not in my name but it won't be renewed and we'll see what happens then. It's rather unbelievable that they phoned twice a day for two weeks, clearly not acceptable!

  spuds 09:33 19 Sep 2006

Having just lived with nuisance telephone calls from a company called MP Europe for the past three weeks, I can fully appreciate Jay-Jay's frustration and annoyance.

A simple "No thank you" doesn't seem to apply to some telephone sales companies, or at least to their 'on-commission' selling agents.

Personally, I think that all telesales should (by law) provide a freephone number, so that you make a direct complaint to someone in authority of that company, and immediate action to any complaints are provided.

  spikeychris 10:10 19 Sep 2006

Personally I would have written to the magazine first, waited for a response then posted here if needs be. I think you might have gone about this the wrong way.

Something not quite right here. Two calls every day at 11 a.m and 3.45 p.m, with no early evening calls does not ring true. Telephone marketing companies don't work like that. Perhaps a friend winding you up?

  HondaMan 11:06 19 Sep 2006


Quite likely, but it is so, soooo, frustrating when a company, having been told, "NO" won't take the hint and often its sheer exasperation at the lack of understanding that causes an outburst.

When subscribing to magazines now, I give my alternate 'phone number. There is no 'phone connected to that line and my main number is ex-directory.

A second number is available from BT from their "call sign" opton.

  Jay-Jay 11:21 19 Sep 2006

Electron99 - Under OfCom regulations, telemarketeers have to leave a Call Line Identifier. Unless my friend has some serious technology to fudge his CLI, I doubt it is a wind up (but if it is - it has worked beautifully)

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