PCA Site Down?

  Crosstrainer2 13:30 02 Sep 2011

Been trying to log in on and off for a while....Just got back in. Anyone else?

  Woolwell 13:40 02 Sep 2011

Very slow today and it isn't a Sunday.

  Crosstrainer2 13:48 02 Sep 2011

More running repairs? At least the "Please Wait" syndrome seems to have been repaired!

  birdface 14:27 02 Sep 2011

Very slow just now on I/E and Firefox and pressing refresh is even slower.

I usually find it is always a lot quicker when they all go home at night.

[Not including Sunday nights.]

  birdface 14:29 02 Sep 2011

32 seconds to post the last reply.

Wonder how long this one will take.At least no error report or wait.

  birdface 14:33 02 Sep 2011

Not going to keep this up but 48 seconds that time, and the waiting for PCA notice at the bottom.

  birdface 14:43 02 Sep 2011

Finally got this.

The service is unavailable.

But working Ok now.

  Crosstrainer2 14:47 02 Sep 2011

Seems to be throttled back up again now :))

  donki 14:48 02 Sep 2011

Id love to know what the traffic numbers on the site are now compared to the old site, I don't want to start moaning but I really do miss the old girl. I certainly dont frequent on here half as much as I used too.

  Aitchbee 14:53 02 Sep 2011

It gives me more thinking time...But my posts today have been ok.

  woodchip 15:08 02 Sep 2011

It may not just be the Site, It may be a Problem on the Net its self. I have turned Java Script off and its working Faster

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