PCA pole on PC age

  Belatucadrus 16:38 21 Feb 2009

Having looked at the original invoice pdf I wasn't that surprised to see that my primary PC is in the archaic end of the age spectrum, but then it occurred to me that it really is suffering from "grandfathers axe syndrome", you know the one "I use my grandfathers axe, my father changed the handle and I've replaced the blade".
My primary PC has had:- A new hard drive, upgraded graphics card, RAM doubled, new PSU, CD writer swapped for DVD writer, CPU fan changed for upgraded one, USB 2 and LAN cards fitted and monitor replaced for a bigger one.
How old is my primary PC ? to be honest I no longer have any real idea.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:59 21 Feb 2009

My primary machine is a Medion, bought March 2005,
added a floppy drive when first got it and recently both optical drives failed so now has a new samsung DVD RW.

Now having a spare ide connection I fitted the old 160G hdd from a failed TEvion HDD recorder and use it for Acronis backups.

So all in all not radically different from when I bought it.

But if I look at the previous machine :-
Case, motherboard, CPU, are the only original parts the rest changed to speed it up even the op system has been replaced by linux and I keep trying different versions to find which I like best.

  Kemistri 17:10 21 Feb 2009

Slightly OT, but which Linux distro are you on at the moment, Fruit Bat?

  canarieslover 17:12 21 Feb 2009

Up until last Saturday mine would have been in the 5 - 6 year category but shopping at the local Tesco store I saw a Medion Q6600 + 3gb + 1tb for £399 so I have now moved on to the 0 - 1 year. I must have made some good choices on my original machine as it seems to compare quite well with the latest. May help a bit when I have Vista adjusted as well to my liking as I have XP on the old machine.

  BT 17:27 21 Feb 2009

My No2 machine has got to be about 8/9 years old now. Its a self build, and has recently had a new motherboard. The old IBM 15" CRT monitor was also retired and that dates back to about 1996, to be replaced by a 17" widescreen LCD.

My Primary machine is an Advent T9202 from about 2004. This has had a new motherboard and graphics card courtesy of PC worlds extended warranty. The DVD ROM drive failed out of warranty and I replaced it with a DVD RW/RAM drive. Also the 2nd Hard drive failed and I replaced it with a larger 250GB one. The only other problem was the on board ethernet socket failed so I had to fit PCI one.

  Legolas 18:08 21 Feb 2009

I am a bit like motorists that change their cars every 2 years, I find that after two years my computer is beginning to show signs of age plus if you wait much longer its resale value is almost zero. My last three main computers have been laptops, with my present one being only two weeks old, I also have a desktop which is about 4 years old and a self build, but I very seldom use it.

  oresome 18:29 21 Feb 2009

My computer's a bit like me........showing it's age. The floppy drive (no, not 5.25!) must be 13 years old, but the rest is like the grandfathers axe.

The monitor was new this year. I managed to sell the old flat panel one to someone who was going to fit it in a gaming machine.

The printer was replaced last year. The old Epson Photo 700 failed after several or more years use.

  laurie53 19:44 21 Feb 2009

Slight aside on grandfather's axe theme.

I remember my mother sending a quilt to be "re-covered and re-stuffed".

She didn't want to get a new one as there was "nothing wrong with it really"!

  rowdy 20:32 21 Feb 2009

Having just finished setting up my sons ' old ' games machine as my wife's 'new ' computer I entered into the poll as my computer is almost 6 years old.

Some components are , as you would expect, younger.

I applied the same proceedures, update drivers etc, as I did for my wifes machine and cleaned out all the dross. Old files, no longer used programs, added a little more RAM and now my 6 year old is flying.

Will certainly last until Windows 7 is at SP1 stage.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:19 21 Feb 2009

click here Ubuntustudio

  Kemistri 22:11 21 Feb 2009

Thanks, Fruit Bat. I might check that out.

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