PCA Photo Comp results ...

  Nontek 16:51 03 May 2013

PCA Photo competition - Results! Congrats to all the other winners...


  exdragon 17:04 03 May 2013

Good grief - I can't believe I've won something! Congratulations to the other seven.

Many thanks, PCA.

  Nontek 17:14 03 May 2013

That was my reaction exactly ... :-))

  exdragon 17:19 03 May 2013

I should have put my forum name on, shouldn't I?

  rdave13 17:59 03 May 2013

Congrats all, well deserved.

  interzone55 19:00 03 May 2013

Some really good photos there, I'm pleased to be included along the winners

  Bing.alau 20:36 03 May 2013

Well what a surprise, I actually won something. Brumas eat your heart out. In reality I think there must have only been eight entrants and I happened to be one of them. I took photo's of every scarecrow in that particular "Village Scarecrow" competition. Then thought "Go on, stick one you like in the PC Advisor comp".

I think all the other entrants are brilliant, but was looking forward to pictures of animals and birds. I must say I think the windmill picture is strange? Perhaps that is why it is a winner? I like "Chocolate Gob" and the sunset one very much. The "Railway Lines" picture immediately took me to the Jewish Concentration camps for some reason.

I will not make my speech too long, but wish to thank my mum and dad etc... If anybody wants my autograph please send money. None of that virtual stuff thank you!

  Brumas 20:53 03 May 2013

Credit where credit is due, some of those photos would not look out of place in National Geographic.

  Forum Editor 21:24 03 May 2013

Congratulations one and all, and a big thank you to everyone who entered.

We'll be doing this again, so keep taking those winning shots.

  Bing.alau 21:43 03 May 2013

Will I be able to enter another of my now famous "Scarecrow pictures"?

  interzone55 22:08 03 May 2013

I put quite a bit of planning into the railway lines picture and I'm very proud of it, which is unusual for me.

It's a miniature railway north of Carnforth (Cinderbarrow if you're interested) and it only runs at weekends and holidays, so other times it's quite safe to straddle the tracks to take photographs. I inverted my camera on the tripod so it was only a couple of inches above the track.

The image was converted to mono in photoshop, with a simulated infra red light effect added, which is perhaps what makes you think of the trains to Auschwitz, as the effect is very similar to the silver nitrate films of the 20's & 30's

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