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  spikeychris 09:10 22 Dec 2004

Since our last run out a few months ago another 500 million members have joined PCA so the FE has agreed and sanctioned another member’s picture thread. Its simple, just click here and click the “Mail me with your picture” link in blue.

Send the picture as an attachment with a few lines about yourself; make sure you include in the email your PCA nickname and I will upload the image to the site. This is just a bit of fun but please don’t send any pictures of your pets or any more cartoons.

Peter the deleter…ah - I mean the FE will close this thread late Christmas eve so you only have a few days. There are 147 images there now so have a look. This isn’t part of PCA it’ a private/personal site

Merry Christmas


  Sethhaniel 09:39 22 Dec 2004

but you could grab my pic from click here


  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 10:47 22 Dec 2004

lol.have we not seen this before?.looks fairly familiar ;)

  Peverelli 18:48 22 Dec 2004

Don't be shy, people ;-)

  Sethhaniel 19:20 22 Dec 2004

picture sent ;)and photos looked at :0

  VoG II 21:54 22 Dec 2004

Fainting possible if you view my pic full-size!

  spikeychris 22:02 22 Dec 2004

seven more pics added, someone sent a ten meg pic. I have resized it but 10 meg is a bit on the large size. I have had a few emails saying that the site "takes ages to load" on dial up, well yeah it does, it has 150 images all on one page - get broadband.

  josie mayhem 23:01 22 Dec 2004

That is the question?

  VoG II 23:10 22 Dec 2004

Please try to compete with MichelleC. You will make an old man very happy!

  kev.Ifty 23:21 22 Dec 2004

More pic's of Kate B please ;-} lol.

I am trying to find one of myself 'not' asleep in the chair at Christmas/Birthday party....

Best Wishes spikeychris. A cracking idea


  josie mayhem 00:36 23 Dec 2004

Slim I might be.

And many think I was a gymslip mum, (sadly I wasn't)

I might be tempted, prehaps the photo of me pulling stunts on my sons BMX bike on our summer hols?

your never know?

But I will sleep on it.


It might be the new year before I can get an pici up-loaded due to sadly Christmas doesn't include me!

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