PCA Issue 123, Full Programs (sic)

  pj123 15:43 13 Aug 2005

I speak German, My partner speaks French.

There is a "Full Program" (why does it have to be spelt the american way) called Linkword French, German, Italian and Spanish.

I have just tried the German version and I don't believe it is the "full program". It only contains "Section 1" which lists a few animal names. The French section is the same.

Having run through all of it and then gone back to the main menu hoping to get to the next section there is none?

Knowing a few animal names (which I already know anyway) in German isn't going to get me very far.

I have just run it again to make sure I am right and this is what it says, I quote

"Linkword will work for almost anyone. Carefully designed to teach you words and basic grammar in a simple step by step way, in 10-12 hours you will be able to communicate in sentences with a vocabulary of hundreds of useful words."

Maybe I have not installed it properly but reading the installation details in the magazine which say "Copy the Linkword folder to your hard disk, then run the setup file within your chosen language folder". There is no "setup" file within the chosen language folder, only an .exe file which (whatever language you choose) is lw_301.exe.

Have I got it wrong. I would like to use it to teach others German and my partner (who teaches French at a school) would also like to use the French section.

  paulgeaf 23:24 13 Aug 2005

I sympathise with you mate.
I subscribe to the magazine and the 'FULL programs' are part of the reason I do.
There is another 'full' program on the same issue CD.
It is called Next up TextAloud version 1.7
when I installed this it requested I register the TRIAL in order to get the program in FULL working order.
I declined and then all I had was the option to run the TRIAL in trial mode. With only 1 voice to test out and hardly any ability to try out any of the many available voices that you can use with the full version.
I am not sure about the Linkworld program as I didn't install it but I can say for definite: The Textaloud program is a completely NON FULL program. It is a shareware version and any PC Advisor subscriber wishing to use it will have to pay for the priveledge.
Thanks for the FREE FULL PROGRAMS PcAdvisor!

  Forum Editor 00:55 14 Aug 2005

Before you start bandying words such as 'Lies' around - tell me what you were asked to pay 'for the priviledge' of registering the program to activate the full version.

  Completealias 01:03 14 Aug 2005

I installed the registry mechanic tool off of the cd earlier today as well, upon starting it it was an evaulation version so I look through the magazine to see if there was a code to type in or if there was link on the cd to register to get a code for the program.

I am yet to find a code or a way to register for my code as of yet.

Any one had any luck?

  _Dzijovic_ 07:26 14 Aug 2005

I had a similar problem with Registry Mechanic. I telephoned the 'Cover CD(not much)Helpline' and spoke to someone who sounded as though they were still having their breakfast.

I was unable to communicate very well as the person wasn't really listening to me and just read the licence agreement out loud.

The best I managed was that it was a 'free full program' but the all the features of it are not available unless I paid to unlock them.

Subscription cancelled not because of the actual cover disc but the shoddy customer service.

  €dstowe 09:56 14 Aug 2005

The bin in my local Tesco marked "Place unwanted magazine inserts here" invariably contains a number of cover disks from computer magazines, not only PCA.

The main reason nowadays for magazine cover disks seems to be that it is done to retain market share "because other magazines do it".

The number of disks discarded at source, together with the number that are ignored completely and the number that are complained about might make a market survey of interest to the publishers of all computer magazines and perhaps put an end to a much maligned marketing tool - not only PCA but other computer magazines.

  Hamish 10:20 14 Aug 2005

Not too many FREE meals about but these disks do make good stands for my paper weight collection.

  spuds 11:31 14 Aug 2005

I subscribe to a number of magazines, and it can get very annoying when you see Free Full Program, only to realise that the actual Free as far too many conditions attached to it.Inevitably the Free doesn't always turn out so.

But I am a sucker for the cover disks though,and without this added bonus, I would perhaps cancel most if not all subscriptions,and perhaps save a nice wad of money, that would pay for something of true value.

  Forum Editor 11:35 14 Aug 2005

I'm puzzled by that, €dstowe. I thought you were against the idea of cover disks.

  bloodstone 12:46 14 Aug 2005

I only asked !!!!!!!
Can I have a straight answer from PCA please
If I have to pay at least say so.
I have loaded other programs from previous mags which are free and complete.
Has PCA been missled by PC Tools?

  Happy Soul 12:47 14 Aug 2005

Looking back to Spectrum and Amiga days, similar things happened and always will.

Which is better, to go out and and purchase a Full priced Programme or receive a Free Evaluation disc with your mag, and then find the programme is not to your liking?

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