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  wolfie3000 14:59 08 Apr 2007

What happens to all the pcs, gadgets and other electronic stuff PCAdvisor tests in its magazine?

Is it sent back to the companies or is it kept somewhere at PCA Towers?

and how many bits of kit goes through PCA towers each month?

  Kate B 15:00 08 Apr 2007

It gets sent back.

  wolfie3000 15:07 08 Apr 2007

So what happens if someone accidently spills a huge mug of coffee on a test machine?

  Totally-braindead 15:07 08 Apr 2007

Kate B is right I've seen the FE commenting on it in a thread when someone asked about all the hardware they must have lying about and the FE said it didn't happen and that anything they got for review had to be returned.
Shame really as they could have used them as prizes.

  Totally-braindead 15:08 08 Apr 2007

They deduct the price of the machine from their wages and give them 40 lashes.

  wolfie3000 15:17 08 Apr 2007

I can just imagine down in the bowels of PCA towers in a small basement full of the latest kit with guys in white lab coats stripping the machines down to there component parts and examining them under microscopes.

Must be a great job testing all the latest pc kit out.

  Kate B 15:21 08 Apr 2007

Actually, reviewing kit is a massive pain, admin-wise. The manufacturers often get you to sign forms, you have to arrange for stuff to be delivered to give you enough time to test the thing and get it written in time for your deadline, then you have to get it sent back and there's usually a tussle about paying for the courier ... it's all good if there's an assistant tasked with that stuff but often there's not.

  Forum Editor 23:10 08 Apr 2007

as Kate B says.

  wolfie3000 03:11 09 Apr 2007

I am interested to know about this,

Please if possible could you expand on what you said,

Thigs like if there is an accident what happens?

Has there ever been any kit thats come to the office broken?

and how many electronic devices go through PCA per month and how long usually do you get to test each product?

  interzone55 14:35 09 Apr 2007

When I used to work for a notorious PC manufacturer based in Burnley one of my jobs was the management of demo machines.

Some where built specifically for one magazine (you know the type where a magazine reviews 5 Media Centre PCs costing £750 etc) these machines would be out & back in around a fortnight. The machine would then be striped down and the components used for the next review machine.

Other PCs would be sent out to a say PCW, it would be returned, tidied up & sent to Computer Shopper. These PCs tended to get quite badly beaten in transit and testing.

And yes, more than once we had PCs come back with coffee swilling around in the innards.

Having said that, it's nothing compared to the state customers machines arrived in, we had a PC once where the customer had simply written our address on the case in permanent marker and sent it with no packaging at all, then he complained when he got the PC back with the writing still on the case! Another time we got a laptop for an insurance repair that had been dropped 1500 feet out of a helicopter, after a new case, screen, motherboard, hard drive, DVD drive & RAM it was as good as new!

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