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  rawprawn 17:26 05 Nov 2010

Having read click here
It made me wonder if I had ever had a post deleted,HaveYou?

However, I must add that I think PCA Forums are the best on the web. I am sure that we all disagree about some things, but where else can you get help as you can in this "Helproom"

Where else can you find a "Speakers Corner" where all members can put their point of view, with very few being offensive, and if they are judged so by FE. OK we may feel upset, but consider what the alternative may be.

  Strawballs 17:28 05 Nov 2010

I agree whole heartedly

  Forum Editor 17:30 05 Nov 2010

I'm in for a busy weekend.

  Strawballs 17:32 05 Nov 2010

I don't want to know because if you have deleted any I must have deserved it I will be the first to admit I can let my political views get the best of me at times.

  Forum Editor 17:38 05 Nov 2010

We had an editorial meeting today, and we talked about this very subject.

I was reminiscing about the time when I did something that so incensed a certain little forum clique that one of them wrote to me and said they were going to come down in the car to 'discuss the matter face to face'. Needless to say they didn't turn up, but we sent out for 100 pitzas and barricaded the office door with boxes of old coverdisks, just in case.

There are quite a few people in the forum who remember those heady days and nights of almost constant conflict - I was always in the firing line for something. After all, wouldn't you be angry if your thread entitled 'who was the ugliest girl you ever woke up next to' was deleted?

Times have changed, but human nature rolls on, and disagreements about what is or isn't offensive or inappropriate are inevitable from time to time.

  rawprawn 17:39 05 Nov 2010

My post was rather ambiguous, I was really asking if other members would own up to having posts deleted.
My intention was not for everyone to ask you.
After all if one can't remember, it can't have been THAT important.

  spuds 17:50 05 Nov 2010

" I was really asking if other members would own up to having posts deleted".

No problem, I'll own up, I have had post deleted. Part of the journey of life I suppose.

  Al94 17:54 05 Nov 2010

Yep, me too but I survived it!

  Forum Editor 17:58 05 Nov 2010

That's how it should be, but I assure you that to some people it's very important.

  ella33 18:23 05 Nov 2010

I don't really check but I know that a remark I made about amazon on another forum (altogether) was deleted, disappeared somehow anyway. So I won't repeat it here!

I don't know if a thread I started about life after death, a while ago was deleted, as I haven't looked. It seemed to go overboard with arguments at the time but looking at the recent thread re: the firefighters' proposed strike, maybe it wasn't so unusual.

  rawprawn 18:40 05 Nov 2010

I honestly do not know if I have had any thread deleted,which takes me back to " it can't have been THAT important."

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