PCA Forum functions - votes, dates, etc

  simonjary 07:08 04 May 2013

Hi, everyone

We're looking at various functions around the PC Advisor site, and are interested in your views on a couple of the functions of the forum.

You can order posts by date or number of votes.

Do you ever use these functions - either voting/liking or reordering the thread posts?



Publisher, PC Advisor

  wiz-king 07:43 04 May 2013

No, didnt know they existed! - please explain. Do you mean on the 'your posts' page or the main pages?

Ah - just seen the like button -- never used it!!

  morddwyd 07:44 04 May 2013

Order by the simple date/time last post.

Sometimes use search (which is a bit unrefined) but never use anything else.

  fourm member 07:48 04 May 2013

I think the only time I've 'liked' a post was to find out what happened when you clicked on the hand making rabbit ears on the wall.

I certainly wasn't aware that you could sort a thread by 'likes' but then, I've never seen a thread with enough 'likes' to make it meaningful to sort it that way.

  simonjary 07:48 04 May 2013

Does anyone like the idea of Like or Vote?

It's meant to encourage people to agree with technical answers or points of view here at Speakers Corner.

  sunnystaines 08:20 04 May 2013

not used it, what advantages has it got. i think most of the regulars here visit once a day and go back over the last 24 hours or so.

if you stll looking for improvements could we have a preview of the post when you hover the curser over the title of the post please.

  morddwyd 08:26 04 May 2013

"It's meant to encourage people to agree with technical answers or points of view here at Speakers Corner."

If I agree I say so, similarly if I disagree, as, I suspect, do most here.

Likes, and Votes, are a bit gimmicky.

  Nontek 08:47 04 May 2013

I don't use the Likes or Vote options, don't see any point in either.

Bring back old style Yellow Envelope - Please! (I wonder how many might 'Like' this post?)

  Chronos the 2nd 09:33 04 May 2013

I too did not know these things existed, I think there are far more useful additions that would be more useful.

  Woolwell 11:59 04 May 2013

I knew they existed but have not seen the point of using the like facility.

  bremner 12:51 04 May 2013

Never used them - to me they are unnecessary and would not be missed.

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