rdave13 21:38 11 Jul 2009

It's a bit sad I know but today PCA was down for quite a few hours and old habits die hard. On IE and FF PCA is the home page. FF showed a blank page after refreshing while IE showed the inevitable 'Diagnose....' page.
Must admit was a bit lost having been a member for a few years and always seeing the familiar PCA home page at opening a browser.
We're certainly creatures of habit.
Never realised how boring Stumble Upon was.

  lotvic 22:36 11 Jul 2009

there, there, all better now ;@]

  rdave13 22:39 11 Jul 2009

Oh.. thanks, my depression is begining to lift.
Such cruelty forced unto us members is truly an emotional thing.

  rdave13 23:04 11 Jul 2009

Oh, and the new server doesn't give me an email notification of a new post to my thread. Tething problems I expect.

  rdave13 23:07 11 Jul 2009

Erratum, tething should be ...errr..teething.

  mrwoowoo 23:28 11 Jul 2009

Seems a bit quite on here considering.Perhaps people have discovered there are in fact other forums and websites out there.

  rdave13 23:33 11 Jul 2009

Could well be it. Still no email notification of your post.
How's the gaming going? Crosstrainer certainly has the top graphics card.

  mrwoowoo 01:14 12 Jul 2009

Sorry i'm a bit slow answering ,but it's a bit hectic at work tonight.
Since i'm playing a re run of the Orange box with it's low system requirements,even my modest card can play it maxed out and even crosstrainer can't do better than that.
Going to upgrade my graphics card soon,but it still won't be a match for crosstrainers set up.

Awaiting the next decent FPS to get my teeth into at the moment.
My boy is getting Ghostbusters soon so i may have a go at that while i wait...Oh the shame of it.
Still,you never know,i may even enjoy it.

  simonjary 11:09 12 Jul 2009

We'll investigate the lack of email notifications. Shouldn't happen as all we did was swap to better servers.

Any other problems, let us know.

(Don't desert us for other forums!)


Publisher, PC Advisor

  crosstrainer 11:26 12 Jul 2009

..Can't stay logg in long enough to post a comment at the moment :((

  crosstrainer 11:27 12 Jul 2009

Problem seems that I am kicked out, and required to lof in again.

Sorry about the repeated post's but I have to be quick or I'm out again !

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