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  sunnystaines 15:37 05 Jan 2012

As the new web site battles with a few tech probs, I thought I would ask are there anymore improvements being planned for the PCA web from the suggestions thread from last year. Or is this the final products bar a few tweaks to fix the slow downs.

would be nice to see which ideas were boshed and why and to look forward to improvements being considered or in the pipeline.

  Forum Editor 18:07 05 Jan 2012

"I would ask are there anymore improvements being planned for the PCA web"

We're not considering any further changes at the moment. When anything new happens you'll read about it in the forum - we'll keep you informed.

  birdface 18:14 05 Jan 2012


I like your softly softly approach and not wanting to stand on anyone's toes.

Maybe quicker just saying what you would like to see done to improve the Forum then they know what to try.

I am quite happy with it the way it is,But without all the slow downs. Get rid of all the slow patches and the forum would be as good as ever.

Some would like too see the email Icon back again But that does not bother me whether it comes back or not.

  sunnystaines 18:37 05 Jan 2012


I tried to word it best I could, got previous for using wrong words. Yes i would been keen to see the email/private message option back,and a highlight of the original message when the mouse cursor hovers over a post without opening also curious of any news to look forward too after the slowness is sorted.

  Forum Editor 18:50 05 Jan 2012

The fact is, we have a policy of constant review, and if we think there's something to be done that will make for a better forum experience we try to do it.

It's a fact of life that there will always be something that someone doesn't like, or something that someone would prefer to see, and if we tried to make everyone happy we would be constantly fiddling with the forum - we just don't have the resources to do that. I think we should have a period of consolidation - perhaps try to keep things more or less as they are in terms of functionality - and review the situation later in the year.

  birdface 18:50 05 Jan 2012

Well there you go that gives them something to think about.

[after the slowness is sorted.]

Now that's when I know that you are daydreaming.As the adds get more complicated the chances of the slowness going away does not look great.

I think it's here to stay,You never know I have been right before but not that often.

While you are not busy there is an update for Spywareblaster and a free download of Process Lasso Pro 5.1 from downloadoftheday if you are interested.

  Quickbeam 18:55 05 Jan 2012

Can the mobile site also be tweaked to go to the last page of a subject?

  Woolwell 19:04 05 Jan 2012

To echo Quickbeam - yes please and the pages at the top so that you do not have to scroll down on a small screen.

  interzone55 09:21 06 Jan 2012

I'm constantly puzzled by the complaints some users have about this site. I've no problems at all beyond the occasional wait after clicking post. I'm also never bother by ads blocking the screen, I just don't see them.

Could I suggest that if anyone has a problem they also mention which OS and browser they're using, along with any browser add-ins they may have.

For the record I use two machines across the day for this site.

Currently Windows 7 Enterprise, Chome v16.0.912.63 m with AdBlock (but switched off on this site as it makes the page look funny) In the evening it's the same but Windows 7 Home Premium

  Quickbeam 09:58 06 Jan 2012

"...constantly puzzled by the complaints some users..."

Not so much complaints as suggestions. Suggestions that helped PCA develop the new changes. Some of the changes had to be tweaked pretty quickly as the site became harder to navigate than it was before, but that was sorted pretty quickly after user feed back.

My only current request is as above regarding the mobile site, as the mobile screens are hard to navigate to the end of a thread. Other than that I have no pressing complaints/suggestions.

  Al94 10:05 06 Jan 2012

Spot on Quickbeam, a "last page" button would be useful on the mobile site.

Also the Android App needs a facility to install on SD card, most apps have that to save eating into memory.

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