PC World, Currys,Techguys have made it..

  rickf 22:15 21 Oct 2010

They have made it to Watchdog tonight. Hope this helps to improve their level of service.

If it is anything like before they never devote enough time to cases OR they run out of time before getting to the crux of the matter.

  peter99co 23:00 21 Oct 2010

I asked Currys what an E5 error was on my washing machine and they sent a Tech Guy to my home. His laptop showed E5 was reduced water intake.
He said I should check the inlet tap on the cold supply. I said thanks for the info and he left.

I fixed it by removing the water inlet on my plumbing and cleaning the debris from the joint.

The manuals you get when you buy the product does not contain any error codes and I assumed wrongly it was the washer that was faulty. I had googled the error code but any help required an up front payment.

I wondered why they could not have told me over the phone! I had given them all the details of the washer etc.

I wonder what the cost could have been if I had been out of warranty?

  finerty 23:29 21 Oct 2010

undyer ive had the same problem i thinks its pc advisors server not my return button as i thought was the problem.

  spuds 23:48 21 Oct 2010

If you had watched the Watchdog program, they mentioned the expensive customer care telephone services being provided by manufacturers and retailers as a separate part to the program. Two pound a minute being kept on hold for a long time using a mobile telephone, was a noted complaint.

  Taff™ 10:39 23 Oct 2010

What amazes me is that the woman who had an overheating laptop was filmed using it on her lap - no wonder it overheats! The guy who returned his laptop for repair without backing up his data also needs a reality check. What happened to common sense - it obviously isn`t so common any more.

Watchdog exposes the failings of the the largest PC Repair companies in the UK without providing any realistic advice to others on how to avoid the problems in the first place. (Rant Over)

  Colin 11:35 23 Oct 2010

I stopped watching Watchdog years ago as it hardly ever took the issues to a conclusion and the programme became more dumbed down with each series.

  Colin 11:35 23 Oct 2010

And as for Rogue Traders - don't get me started! It's like watching The Benny Hill Show.

  Noldi 19:12 23 Oct 2010

Totally agree it is a bit humorous. I must admit I dont watch it to often.


  morddwyd 19:56 23 Oct 2010

"it is a bit humorous."

If only!

It's puerile and silly.

  Covergirl 20:15 23 Oct 2010

Do you double-click the Post Response button once only?

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