PC Stations workdesks best designs?

  geoff47 02:07 08 Apr 2005

I have been looking around at "Work Stations" or "PC Desks" and they are all very much the same,in that the Monitor is always on top of the table,at eye level.Which I have found a bit of a strain on my neck (perhaps its only me)
I have been thinking about the design and it seems to me to be more logical to place the monitor below and behind the Keyboard under a glass table top.And perhaps have the printer/scanner etc. on top of the desk,where they can be more accessable.
Does anybody know if I am inventing a new design or is this what professionals might use?
If its a first ,where can I patent the idea?

  wiz-king 05:48 08 Apr 2005

Tv newsreaders have used them for years untill they were issued with laptops. PC World may still do a very nice desk that has the screen on a shelf below the desk top so that the bottom of the screen sits level with the desktop. The keyboard is on a slide out drawer below the desktop and there are two shelves above the desktop and screen. I have a USP on the lower shelf along with printers switch and speakers, web cam, clock and other such clutter and my scanner on the top shelf. There is room for a tower and a laser printer under the desktop. It was about £99 a couple of years ago.

  Forum Editor 07:02 08 Apr 2005

your idea has been around for a long time, and I've seen many a workstation with the screen below a glass desktop. To be honest I find them a bit of a nuisance - there are problems with reflections, and keeping the screen clean is a fiddle.

Modern TFT screens are often mounted on columns, and can be moved up or down to suit the user's preferences. My own screen is like this.

  Charence 12:32 08 Apr 2005

Here's a design which I think was quite good (its for CRTs) - click here*10390

A Column! That sounds good, does it go all the way to the ceiling? And did you have to buy another mount for it?


  freaky 16:01 08 Apr 2005

The best selection of PC Desks I've seen are at Office World.

  geoff47 18:58 08 Apr 2005

Back to the drawing board then.
I am more at home with an electric drill and a sheet of MDF then a PC.My own (cough) work station is an adapted one.A trip to B&Q for a bit of white melamine board made framed shelving for the monitor and housing for all the discs,speakers bits of paper etc. that otherwise would have to be tidied away properly somewhere else.I will have to have a go at improving mine,if only to stop the crick in my kneck.Possibly caused by varifacal lenses in my specs....could always get reading glasses I suppose.But where is the challenge in that?

  TonyV 21:27 08 Apr 2005

The biggest trouble with most of the new Desk type units is that they do not have room for a CRT monitor. So if you get one of the "modern" desk units you will have to get a new Flat Screen monitor! We actually looked in IKEA for such a device and asked them to move sample monitors around on them. They didn't fit very well! John Lewis were also asked to do the same because again their desks were really only suitable for Flat Screens. (We haven't all got them!) Having said that, the products we saw were well made and reasonably priced but would not work as well as a conventional desk with a keyboard tray that fits in the knee-hole under the desk top.

  1911 23:02 08 Apr 2005

I have bi-focals and I always get a stiff neck unill i bought cheap reading glasses. Result no stiff neck

  1911 23:02 08 Apr 2005

I have bi-focals and I always get a stiff neck unill i bought cheap reading glasses. Result no stiff neck

  josie mayhem 00:08 09 Apr 2005

I never found a workstation, any where near to being practical....

The answer I came up with (but I have a computer room/office which has two computers in, and I do a far bit of work here, so need space for building computers has well has using them) was to find a reasonable conner desk, then build the rest myself (well hubby built it under my instructions)I have all the storage I need for all my bits and peices, but also have space to work on. All I'm waiting for now, is hubby to have time to put up floating shelves, for some of my larger files.

  Charence 01:21 09 Apr 2005

If you've got a not too large LCD monitor, then I think the best desk option would be one of those simple 2m long, rectangular ones from MFI. Don't opt for the silly desk shelves that take up desk space but aren't big enough to fit your CDs in. You'll also need to buy a nice chair so that you can sit comfortably.

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