PC Advisor's Gadget of the Year

  PC Advisor 17:12 06 Dec 2010

We've prepared our shortlist of brilliant, bestselling and innovative gadgets from the past 12 months. Now we need your help to decide which is best.

Please add your vote to the poll in the lefthand column, and help us decide the winner of the title PCA Gadget of the Year.

  Forum Editor 17:16 06 Dec 2010

and all for different gadgets. No prizes for guessing what gets my vote.

  David Price 17:41 06 Dec 2010

By the way, here's a direct link to the poll

click here

and here are reviews of some of the gadgets:

Amazon Kindle 3 (click here)
Apple iPad (click here)
Apple iPhone 4 (click here)
Dell Streak (click here)
BlackBerry Bold (click here)
HTC Desire (click here)
Microsoft Kinect (click here)
Samsung Galaxy S (click here)
Samsung Galaxy Tab (click here)
Sony PRS Reader (click here)
Sony PS3 Slim (click here)

  Kevscar1 17:53 06 Dec 2010

Well heres my gadget of the decade. Hopefully I'll get one next year.

click here

  Forum Editor 18:01 06 Dec 2010

which is my phone (HTC Desire) is currently leading the field. It is undoubtedly the best phone - by far - that I have ever used. I'm still discovering things about it, and I've had it for a couple of months or so.

My first choice - which won't surprise regular forum users - is the Kindle 3 ;I love it with a rather disturbing amount of passion. My wife thinks I may have to undergo counselling to stop me talking incessantly about how wonderful my Kindle is. Yelling 'for pity's sake, shut up about the damn thing!' is having no effect, and she's very near the edge.

  ams4127 19:41 06 Dec 2010

I do hope you are right FE. On your recommendation, one is winging my way when the Amazon wagon gets out of the snow!

  Jameslayer 21:18 06 Dec 2010

When they build a kindle 4 and it smells like a book then I will get one. I want tohave a play with one before I buy.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:35 06 Dec 2010

is an egg boiling device that consistantly cooks soft boiled eggs every time that I picked up on a recent trip to germany.

I know it's not on the list, but at least I could afford it, which is more than I can say about all the items on the list!

The only downside of my gadget is that my egg consumption has risen considerably.


  monkeyboy21 22:21 06 Dec 2010

Have to agree with your second choice as my first. I've had my HTC desire for a couple of months as well and now find myself rarely switching on my laptop to check emails, FB etc. Using the phone is just so easy to do!

  Jameslayer 22:39 06 Dec 2010

white van man
does it go in the microwave. Saw some on pride drop tv.

  Forum Editor 22:49 06 Dec 2010

I hope you ordered the 3G version?

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