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  Englishman 08:37 19 Jun 2005

I have only logged onto this website a few times and always have trouble.

I have given up on two occassions when I tried to renew my subscriptions

Today was also amazing and similar to when I tried to renew. You cannot get where you want to go on the site!

I have received my August issue and thought I woulds enter the competions. type in the url as given in the magazine. I reach the competions page and find there are competitions but not the ones in the magazine. I think ok I'll enter one of those. This is when the trouble starts - all I keep getting is a marketing questionaire to complete when I click on the links to enter the competions. What a load of rubbish I think. For the website of a company providing information on pc's and the web you would think its website would do what people expected and be up to date as well.

  igk 11:40 19 Jun 2005


  Dorsai 13:10 19 Jun 2005

Care to post a link to one of the competitions in question?

Just so others can see what you mean.

Just copy the URl and past it into the message box.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:23 19 Jun 2005

I can see the competitions to July. Logically the August one will not be available online until later and I assume that some comps in the mag are not available online...this is life. Have you ever considered that it may be your setup that is causing your browsing problems problems?

  QuickHare 16:39 19 Jun 2005

Most competitions require people to provide some financial gain for the company running the competition. Most of the time, this is a premium rate phone number for an easy question. However, PC Advisor thrives on something more valuable - information about products. All PC Advisor wishes is for information about brands, and consumer trends.

Personally, I see PC Advisor's competitions, and the Brand Awareness Survey, as a good way to receive information useful for the magazine's survival for a small payment of a prize and postage.

  Newuser38 21:44 19 Jun 2005

The competition site does not have the August one yet. Probably waits until PCA hits the street after subscribers get theirs. Interesting that the competition closing date for June, July and now August mag is 31st July. That does seem a bit odd.

  Englishman 07:07 20 Jun 2005

click here

Click on it and you get a questionaire. If you need pareticular setting to get things to happen correctly you would think a Computer magazines website would tell you.

As for my set up I shall try with all security removed. AS even the some of the sites set up by "knowledgable" operators seem to think nobody has cooky control or mobile code control.

With reference to subscription renewal I found the free disc offers were different to the magazine. Talk about one hand not knowing what the other is doing.

  Simsy 11:49 20 Jun 2005

you do get a questionaire...

Most of it is to establish whose/where the prize should go if you win...

However if you look closely you will also see a, (simple), question, which is the competition task itself!

Have another go..

Good luck,



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