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  Managing ed 16:34 20 May 2009

We've put together a community web browser toolbar for PC Advisor users. It downloads and installs (and uninstalls) in seconds, and gives you one-click access to all the forums, as well as the editorial, video and RSS content on the site. The PCA toolbar works with IE and Firefox, and most major browsers - apart from Chrome and Safari. (I know, I use Chrome too...)

I'd be grateful if forum users could give the toolbar a whirl, and let me have some feedback, either here on the site or via email. We can always change the content from this side, so I'd be really interested to know what our regular users think.

click here to download the toolbar.


Managing editor

  wolfie3000 17:20 20 May 2009

First impressions are good, i had to use the shrink feature in order to fit all of the buttons on, but was easy enough to do.

Love the radio feature, it found my favourite stations in seconds and were easy to add to the list,

Im not a fan of toolbars as they take up room on the browser but this one il keep as it will make using PCAdvisor easier to navigate, also love the radio.

  wolfie3000 17:21 20 May 2009

Also should add im using the latest Firefox and installed in seconds with no issues.

  laurie53 20:47 20 May 2009

Had a look (had to specially load a browser to do it) but can't see anything there I use, except the forums of course, and they're not exactly difficult to bookmark.

Might give it another try if it becomes available for Chrome, but generally I don't think it's for me (Well, you did ask!).

All I have to do now is find out how to uninstall it "in seconds"!

  Al94 23:05 20 May 2009

Great job, love the radio function, I dragged mine to same line as menu bar so takes up no more space. How do you unshrink it?

  Al94 23:11 20 May 2009

Found it, down arrow beside logo gives a lot of options.

  Si_L 23:47 20 May 2009

I tried it but didn't really like it, obviously you have the lost space, and the only parts of the site I use are the homepage, which is bookmarked with one click and then its east to jump to the forums, so not for me I'm afraid.

  [email protected] 01:01 21 May 2009

Browsers have so much built into them as standard these days that there is little a toolbar can really do to enhance it.

Most of the icons are just links to different parts of the website, and I'm sure most of the regulars already have shortcuts to their favourite places here.

The RSS feature is handy, but being something I've never bothered with before, I'm not sure how one would normally add that function to their browser.

My favourite part of it is actually the internet radio tool!

  Managing ed 08:34 21 May 2009

And do keep the feedback coming - good, bad and indifferent!


  Managing ed 08:38 21 May 2009

Any editing you need to do, simply hit the down arrow to the right of the lefthand PC Advisor logo.

  WhiteTruckMan 09:29 21 May 2009

and thrice Nay!

Were I to install every passing toolbar that came along that happened to have a potentially usefull application on it I would run out of screen room in nothing flat.

Of course, all toolbar developers will say that *their* toolbar is usefull because (insert excuse here) but the functionality you (collectivly) are introducing is at the expense of the usefullness of the browser itself. Much as programmers do when they write software that loads on startup, just so *their* application can launch that much quicker, and never mind the degredation of system performance and startup times due to lost resources.

Why not install links at the side of the page that will launch them as web apps? That way you can truly measure their usefullness by monitoring the number of times they are used.


BTW-Toshiba, your invasive adverts are so annoying that I will NEVER buy your products

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