PC Advisor site slow?

  mbp 09:51 21 May 2005

I have found browsing here painfully slow. Is it my computer or is it the site? It is certainly off-putting!

  Forum Editor 10:00 21 May 2005

but it's all in a good cause. There's work going on behinds the scenes, and it will result in a more secure environment for us all - please bear with us in the meantime.

  p;3 10:11 21 May 2005

thanks for that F.E.; after recent happenings , I dont envy you your task of putting on the hatches :((

mbp; it is the week end too; just hope for a smooth one:)

back to sorting pc problems :)

  mbp 10:13 21 May 2005

FE I truly appreciate your reply. It is good to know that something is happening and that it is all in good cause. I will keep my fingers crossed and be patient. Thanks!

  spuds 12:36 21 May 2005

The site as been experiencing some very serious problems of late, which I think that you may have missed, as I haven't seen your name mentioned recently. The staff at PCA have some very complicated issue to resolve, with site sabotaging of unwarranted volumes,plus server problems that maybe accounting for slow downs..

  CurlyWhirly 15:44 21 May 2005

Like Forum Editor said there's work going on behind the scenes to ensure the PCA forum is more secure in the future.
It is surely worth putting up with a slower site until it is sorted as I can think of nothing more off-putting than having the forum full of the kind of rubbish that has been posted over the last couple of days.

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