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  james55 20:27 10 Aug 2004

Younger adults are more likely to own and use pirated goods than older adults:

Will this poll give an honest answer?

Example 1: I am older therefore I agree.

Example 2: I am young therefore I disagree.

Without having an age poll in pirated goods how can anyone really know who does what.

This is not a complaint just a question.


  watchful 20:32 10 Aug 2004

Honest answer, I don't think so.

  Old Shep 21:10 10 Aug 2004

Yours is a better question than the poll. It would be nice to know how old the youngest adults are and how young the oldest adults are. Basically it is a stupidly worded question that is not worth answering.

  Forum Editor 21:11 10 Aug 2004

What we want to know is what people think.....their age is irrelevant.

Why do you assume that younger adults will disagree with the statement? Come to that, why do you assume that older adults will agree? What we want to know is what peoples' perceptions are, and for what must be the umpteenth time - we aren't out to run a scientific poll here - that's not the intention at all. If we wanted to do that we would go about it quite differently.

  Forum Editor 21:17 10 Aug 2004

Many thanks for your elegantly worded contribution. You too have obviously failed completely to understand what we're doing here. On the basis of your assertion that the question isn't worth answering I wonder why you bother wasting your time to join us here at all. In fact..........

  Dorsai 21:28 10 Aug 2004

When i was young i used priated stuff (had no cash/job, so it was copy's or nowt).

I am now older (and have cash), and none of the pirate stuff survives. I copied it coz i could (an could not afford to buy anyway).

After a while i realised it (the pirates) were useless to me. Had it been useful i would have bought it. that way i would get support. went from pirate copy of win95 to retail copy XP. all my stuff now proper copy.

I think that those who use a pirate copy only use it cos they can. If they had no choice, but to buy a real copy, they would do without. if they needed it that bad, it would be worth buying.

Well thats my thought.

Then there is the upgrade path, Make an old copy free for all. The user either decided it's not worth having, and deletes the free version, or decides it's well worth having, and buy's the current version.

No doubt other will tell me i'm wrong.

  james55 22:05 10 Aug 2004

Forum Editor

The point I was trying to make is if age as you put it is irrelevant, then why class age in your poll.

My second point is where can I base my facts on, where can I get that knowledge.


  james55 22:27 10 Aug 2004

Old Shep

Your question has a valid point; I can't understand why the FE took such an exception to your contribution.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:46 10 Aug 2004

Why do the most simple of polls always elicit such wearying questions? The question is quite simple and is it such a stretch of one's brainpower to take it at simple, plain value? I doubt the efficacy of some people's lateral thinking at times and Old Shep's comment is not worth any net space...again.


  Indigo 1 23:01 10 Aug 2004

I personally have no idea of the truth so will refrain from answering this poll.

No tick box (radio button) for that though.

  james55 23:12 10 Aug 2004

GANDALF <|:-)>

Your question also has a valid point, therefore nobody should take an exception to it.

However whatever point is made it should be taken in context of the discussion and not personnel to any particular person.


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