PC Advisor, 118, p28

  PurplePenny 22:38 12 Mar 2005

F.E.! .....

You're an old cynic!

(But less of the "old" if you please.)

  rdave13 22:49 12 Mar 2005


  rdave13 22:51 12 Mar 2005

what does 118,p28mean?

  Forum Editor 23:08 12 Mar 2005

to my article in the latest copy of the magazine. You'll have to read it and judge for yourselves whether or not I'm an old cynic.

  dan11 23:28 12 Mar 2005

Agree PurplePenny lol

"but there's a long empty road to be travelled">>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  rdave13 23:34 12 Mar 2005

Always reading .

  rdave13 23:38 12 Mar 2005

Got something there.
Old cynic comes strongly to the mind!!

  PurplePenny 13:06 13 Mar 2005

Actually I think that FE is probably spot on .... but then I'm an old cynic too ;-)

I'm in the dark about how the licence validation will work; doesn't the process of activation validate the copy? MS say that many people will be unaware that they are using pirate software in which case the rip-off copies must be getting through activation without causing suspicion. If it can do that won't it also pass muster when being validated?

I'm amazed that a quarter of all installations of Windows in the US are illegal. I must be a bit naive because I assumed that most people just buy a ready make PC from one of the big companies/high street/online shops or they build it themselves and buy a bona fide OS copy at the same time as buying the hardware parts. I know that there will always be people who cheat (just as with music, films and books) but I thought that most retailers would be selling honest copies and most buyers would want an honest copy.

However for the pirate sector to be as large as 25% this is obviously not the case, there must be quite a few dealers selling rip-off copies whilst giving the outward impression of being legitimate. OR ... are legitimate dealers being sold dodgy stock?

I'm not sure that I'm expressing myself very clearly. What I mean is that 25% goes beyond the people selling dodgy stuff on eBay.

  Forum Editor 00:06 14 Mar 2005

done by software, to software, and of course it's true that pirate copies of Windows get validated. Microsoft know that there are dodgy activations occurring, and they could probably stop them, but........

I once got chatting to a bookmaker in a hotel breakfast room. He was there to attend a race meeting, and I was there to do a training session. We got around to the subject of credit betting, and I asked him what he did if someone lost heavily and couldn't pay. "I let them carry on betting" he said - if they win I deduct the money from their debt, and if they lose they'll probably pay me some of the money. Whatever happens I've learned that they need to bet, and I'll not be the loser in the long run". It was an eye-opener, and I think that a similar thing operates with Microsoft. Their business is so huge, and their influence in the business world is so strong, they know that in the end everyone will probably end up being 'legal' to an extent. People would rather have legitimate software if possible, and at some point most pirate-users will climb back on the legal waggon.

The company has obviously decided it's time to ramp up the stakes, and we'll all be checked for valid activations in future. If we want the updates we'll be forced to buy into the system. One way or another, Microsoft is going to generate some hefty revenues from this scheme, and of course nobody can really complain - if you've been sold a dodgy copy of Windows without knowing it you'll be a tad annoyed of course, but that's hardly Microsoft's fault when you think about it.

  CurlyWhirly 19:32 14 Mar 2005

The company has obviously decided it's time to ramp up the stakes, and we'll all be checked for valid activations in future.

I still can't see how this will deter pirates, as I am under the impression that Microsoft will STILL let you download the security updates regardless of the fact whether you have a legal copy or not.
I think that they have decided to do this as otherwise there would be quite a large number of PC's not properly patched, which would probably only add to the security issues with viruses, worms, etc.

I think it is only the 'extras' that pirates will be unable to download like Microsoft games or demos along with special bonus software like the recent XP Edition extras available to download to people who HAVE validated their copy of Windows XP using the 'Windows Genuine Advantage Tool' on Microsoft's website.

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