PC Adviser, what is going wrong?

  Condom 16:26 07 Aug 2008

As a subscriber to this magazine for many years I wonder what is going wrong in recent months. Even todays news letter sponsered by PC Tools has a broken link to there site which I should imagine does not please them. This month I tried to Install TakeWare's Backup Genius from the DVD but the minute I tried to install it my Spyware program (PC Tools SPyware Doctor) told me that the program was trying to install Adware.Robio Spyware and ceased installation. I contacted Takeware who within minutes responded that there is no spyware in their program and asked for further details which I sent them. I wrote to the PC Adviser helpline and the editor at the e-mail addresses given in the magazine concerning this and both were non delivered. Is there anyone there who can shed a light on this or have they all gone on holiday?

  dagbladet 16:42 07 Aug 2008


False positives from any spyware program are not uncommon. Can't help with your e-mail probs, but i'm reasonably sure that one of the biggest magazine publishing houses would not allow their entire staff to go on their holidays, all at once. Somebody will be along in a minute.

  RickyC :-) 16:49 07 Aug 2008


Apologies for the broken link in the email - click here to see where you should have been directed.

Regarding your concerns over Takeware Backup Genius - during testing we didn't discover any spyware contained within the software. It's possible that this particular file - Adware.Robio - is simply a file which allows the Backup Software to check for updates, or schedule the backups. I will ask the guys at Takeware to take a look at this thread and respond directly for everyone's peace of mind.

Finally - we're not sure which email addresses you're sending emails - we don't have any record of emails in either our helpline email address ([email protected]) or the readers' letters email address.

kind regards

Software Editor

  Forum Editor 17:51 07 Aug 2008

They put it in my contract - I have to stay here and respond to threads like this.

A broken link in a newsletter is unfortunate, but it's hardly the mistake of the century, and certainly noty a reason for asking "I wonder what is going wrong in recent months".

You can always contact us via the email addresses in the magazine - they haven't changed, so perhaps you entered something incorrectly? You can certainly always get me via: [email protected] or by clicking the link at the top of this page that says: 'Contact Forum Editor'.

Richard has addressed your concern about spyware, so I won't comment on that.

I hope you're now feeling a little less neglected.

  tullie 17:56 07 Aug 2008

With a user name lke that,not surprised hes neglected.

  Condom 18:11 07 Aug 2008

Thanks for your responses so far. I'm sorry about my name and I hope it doesn't upset anyone. My name is Gordon but I teach in the far east for 6 months each year as a volunteer and the locals have problems pronouncing Gordon which comes out as Condom. They think this is hilarious and of course you can't often chose your own nickname. It stuck and when I came on site it was better than using Gordon 125 or something similar. I have tried communicating via the help room address in the magazine but the post master has firstly advised me of a delay in delivery and then a rejection. This has happened twice and the address I was using was correct. I still can't install the free software as both you and Takeware say there is no Spyware yet PC Tools says there is and stops installation. Guess I'll have to use something else.

  laurie53 21:11 07 Aug 2008

Are you in the Far East at the moment?

Certain regimes in that area are known for interfering with internet access which may include email.

  Forum Editor 23:33 07 Aug 2008

I've never once had my email interferred with in all the time I've been going to those 'regimes', although I did once catch the receptionist in my Beijing hotel reading the postcards that I had given to her to post to my daughters. Our eyes met, and nothing was said, but she hurriedly dropped them into the post box.

She was probably looking for subversive key phrases like 'awful smog' or 'too many bikes' - both of which she would have found.

  day2strike 11:39 08 Aug 2008

It's more fun when the police follow you or give you an 'offical' minder to help you whilst in the country. That way none of the locals dare to speak to you & no business is carried out!

  Condom 16:19 09 Aug 2008

No I am presently back in the UK trying to catch up on things like reading my backlog of PC Adviser Mags etc. I suppose many of the contributors are thinking of China as where I live but the nearest I got to there was Vietnam. Most of my time is spent in Thailand and Laos. Believe it or not I found Ho Chi Minh City to be the most relaxed city of all the "communist" countries I have visited. Even the police were most helpful to "farang" as they call us white foreigners and stopped traffic to help us old ones across roads where motorbikes come at you 10 abreast. Thanks for all contributions but I must go and start reading my October mag which arrived this morning. Things must be getting tighter as I see the free DVD is now coming in a little cardboard sleeve instead of the usual platic cover. Damn another free supply of DVD boxes have now gone!!

  TakeWare 18:38 11 Aug 2008

Apologies for the delay in posting on this - I somehow missed Richard's email while I was away in rainy Devon (on, as you say, holiday) last week and picking up on my (wonderful) Eee PC. Perhaps my mind was elsewhere!

You are right about the false positive - which we traced to source quite quickly. A posting was made on the TakeWare site here:
click here

You (Gordon) should have received an email to confirm this and my apologies as this clearly didn't appear.

We are working with the scanner companies to get this 'false alarm' sorted.

Meanwhile please be assured that we take malware and adware very seriously and we invite you to download BackupGenius for PC Advisor in the knowledge that it remains free of adware and safe to do so.

I have cancelled all further leave for the remainder of the year and told the team that the daily beatings will now continue until morale improves.


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