PC Adviser subscription renewal

  freaky 18:56 18 Jul 2006

Had an email from PCA today, stating that my subscription was expiring shortly - and was given a number of choices.

I selected to renew for 12 months (CD Edition) and have a free copy of Encyclopedia Brittanica.

When I logged in to do it, it stated that my current subscription did not expire until February 2007.

Needless to say, I did not renew and logged off !

  rezeeg 19:36 18 Jul 2006


  Forum Editor 19:39 18 Jul 2006

by telling me.

  UncleP 00:02 19 Jul 2006

Had a letter recently telling me it was time to renew my sub to PCA, and offering a free copy of Encyclopedia Brittanica. A good idea, I thought, so I went on-line and did just that. Yesterday I received two copies of the latest issue (134) - is the second the free issue I've been reading about? I'd better read it as well. But all I got was a distinct feeling of deja vu.

(Don't worry, FE, it's all under control ... I think!)

  Forum Editor 00:15 19 Jul 2006

Sorry? What's "all under control"?

  UncleP 20:31 19 Jul 2006

I checked with the distributing agency; they had opened a new account instead of renewing the existing one, and will close one of them down.

  johndrew 16:53 20 Jul 2006

Bit cheeky offering an inducement if you pay annually. Those of us who pay every three issues get no such inducement. Looks like a cancellation and annual renewal coming up!!!!

  Ray5776 19:01 20 Jul 2006

Latest issue I have is 132 July 2006. I usually do a 6month renewal, I have had no reminders and would like to check that I am still subscribed.
Anyone got a link please.

  SANTOS7 19:09 20 Jul 2006

look up and to the left a bit "your subscriptions"

  Ray5776 19:56 20 Jul 2006

I suppose I could use that :-)
Rather obvious really, I amaze my self sometimes.

  anskyber 20:09 20 Jul 2006

I subscribe to PCA but I do not see anything to the left a bit "your subscriptions"

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