PC AD.assuming that you know what they are doing!

  asrobs 15:53 15 Nov 2004

P C ADVISOR, a lot of the time the writer will assume that you are really up to speed on the way to do something,-- but it does need to sometimes re-explain how to do some things IE. BASIC THINGS like how to DRAG & DROP items.

  Diemmess 16:59 15 Nov 2004

If that sort of difficulty arises, the questioner is the one who is going to have to be patient and possibly start a new thread "How do I drag and Drop?"........The answers are there, its phrasing question that matters. Overall - K.I.S.S.

  Bandy 17:29 15 Nov 2004

I firmly believe that most of us know more than our self confidence allows.

How many times have you wanted to solve a problem and have looked up the relevant questions in this database, only to then say - yes that's what I thought.

The same often applies to terms such as 'drag and drop' we usually know what they mean but don't have the self confidence to realise, or try, it

On second thoughts though I have an over confident friend who does often try it but doesn't understand it, so you may have more of a point then I first thought.

  Diemmess 18:07 15 Nov 2004

Yes of course, but replies are from a real desire to help, and a series of long winded answers can confuse as much as they help. Sadly the longer the thread the less is actually read.

  Dorsai 20:42 15 Nov 2004

But perhaps 'basic things', like how to turn the PC on/drag and drop, are assumed.

If the theoretical person mentioned cant do the 'basic things' Perhaps it is assumed they wont yet be asking the harder questions.

Sort of like "learn to walk walk before you try and run".

Dorsai now fully prepaired for a slating.

  VoG II 21:23 15 Nov 2004

It isn't clear from your question whether you mean the magazine or the forum.

If you mean the mag, you can't expect an article to explain exactly how to do everything. For one thing it would be a turn-off for the more experienced readers.

On the forum, I try to judge the questioner's competence from the way that they have phrased their question. I've got it wrong (both ways) of course but generally I think I (and most others) get it about right.

If you are asking a question on the forum, it always helps if you add "I am a newbie" or similar.

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