PayPal and their verification policies

  rmcqua 11:43 14 Dec 2005

I wonder if anyone can offer me some advice?
I lived in the USA for 4 years and had a verified PayPal account, linked to my credit card and local bank account, that I used regularly.
Now back in the UK, I have tried to open a new PayPal account and am having real trouble getting verified. The problem seems to be that my current account bank (Citibank - hardly a back street oufit!) does not participate in PayPal's "we will place 2 small credits in your account and you have to verify the amounts" exercise which is needed to become verified. I don't know why, because I do all my other banking electronically with Citibank.
Anyway, PayPal tell me I cannot be verified. They refuse to take account of my previous good history with them when I was in the USA and, worse,they will not let me use the credit I have in my account (from sales transactions) to purchase items!
Am I just being paranoid or is this verging on the illegal? Anyway, any suggestions much appreciated.
Thanks folks.

  pauldonovan 11:54 14 Dec 2005

If paypal don't work with Citibank in the UK then you simply need to setup a new account for paypal use surely? You can't change their policies and I can't see anything nearly illegal about it - unless you mean them refusing to let you use your sales credit. I can't see how they can do that, can't you just withdraw it? How can they stop you?

  rmcqua 12:18 14 Dec 2005

Thanks Paul
I did say "verging on..." and, yes, I did mean refusing to let me use my credit. I am very loathe to set up a new bank account with another bank just so that I can use PayPal!

  pauldonovan 12:59 14 Dec 2005

..if that's their policy but I would ask them to explain why you can't offset the monies.

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