PAYE into the future???

  wiz-king 09:02 18 Sep 2010

Your firm or pension provider gives all your money to HMRC and they pay you!

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  Monoux 09:30 18 Sep 2010

The consultation document was announced in the June 2010 budget and is aimed at employers and payroll providers.

So according to fourm member employers and software providers for payroll systems are not " capable of sensible debate"

  WhiteTruckMan 09:41 18 Sep 2010

in my opinion is governments (sucessive, not just this one) attitude towards taxation & spending. These seem to revolve round:

1-How much can we get away with?

2-What are we going to spend (blow) it on?

I think they have their priorities backwards. It should read:

1-What's the smallest amount we *need* to spend?

2-Where are we going to get it from?


(Everyone please note:- my usual signature tag is NOT the answer to question 2!!)

  WhiteTruckMan 10:09 18 Sep 2010

Thats an interesting point you make fourm member, assuming you are referring to a small number of editors & proprietors deciding what are the important stories based on their own agendas. But if not them, then who? The government? (seriously?) Private bloggers? (how do you know they are private, let alone not have agendas of their own?) Town criers? Graffiti? I dunno. maybe I'm guilty of pushing the point too far, but any source of information is going to have its own problems inherent in its nature.


  jack 10:21 18 Sep 2010

The goodly slice of the money earning populace are actually outside the PAYE system
Self employed/cash in hand /BANKERS.
It will once more the honest Joe's and Josephine's who will carry the burden.

  bri-an 10:31 18 Sep 2010

"... those who believe they should dictate public opinion."
I wonder who that might mean, then?

'Media', as WTM says, can mean a vast number of opinions nowadays - but is used with impunity as a catch-all.

  Monoux 10:58 18 Sep 2010

"HMRC's error was" perhaps you should write to tell them I'm sure they would be grateful to get the benefit of your superior knowledge.

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