"Pay as you throw"

  realist 16:14 04 Oct 2006

Yes, it's those bugged bins again

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  it_girl 16:33 04 Oct 2006

Very early one the morning ,I saw a very odd woman depositing a carrier bag full of hosehold rubbish into a street bin.A sign of things to come?

  josie mayhem 17:08 04 Oct 2006

I wonder how they are going to ensure that you pay for only the rubbish you throw away?

I live with a irrating grip concerning bins and rubbish already, and there are times when I could really let it get to me and seek revenaged but alas I've got bigger problems for my attentions.... (but just sometimes I could shuf some-ones rubbish through there flipping letterbox)

I share a bin store with 7 other properties, we are responsible for purchasing our own bins... with the expection of 2 properties with have brought our bins...

But it is sooo irrating when I try to put my rubbish in my bin only to find it full with someone elses rubbish... (bin store is under lock and key, each property has there own key)

So does this mean that I will now not only expected to supply a bin faclitiy to some or should I say 2 tight fisted gits, but I will also be expected to pay for there rubbish to be disposed off as well????

I can see a neighbour frued coming on, this irratation going to be a irration one to many!!!

Prehaps I should start doing the rubbish through the letter box now, they might get the message before I start getting charged for there arrogance?

  Cymro. 17:48 04 Oct 2006

Any chance that you could put a padlock on your bin?
That would have your neighbours trying to figure out what on earth you had in it.
It seems that we are all going to have more and more problems with such things in the future with all this talk about the environment etc.
I would like to see things sorted out at the start of the proses, we don`t need anything like as much packaging as we end up with and so have to get rid of.

  DrScott 18:23 04 Oct 2006

such measures as outlined in the beeb article will encourage more flytipping? As usual, it will be law abiding middle England who will pick up the tab...

  oresome 18:49 04 Oct 2006

Rubbish is surely a function of how many live in the house.

More people means a bigger house and more council tax based on its value. So no need for any complex and expensive charging schemes. I know it's a broad brush, but if you don't like this way, we could always go back to a poll tax system.

No? I thought not.

  lisa02 18:58 04 Oct 2006

"law abiding middle England"

Does that mean the North and South are criminals?

  Jak_1 20:25 04 Oct 2006

try living in Manchester, we have 4 wheelie bins! Standard grey for general rubish, blue for paper, brown for glass and green for garden rubish. It's a pain trying to remember which goes out and when!

  Jak_1 20:26 04 Oct 2006

Oh, nearly forgot a plastc bag goes with the brown bin for tin cans.

  josie mayhem 20:33 04 Oct 2006

Nope I've looked at that idea already!

Even tried a rude letter, would have made a para trouper blush.... to no avail...

And talking about wheely bins, Where my brother-in-law and mother-in-law live, they've been either isssused with a wheely bin or limited to 5 black bags of rubbish per week.

This posses problems for both, my brother-in-law has the wheely bin that he is told takes 5 black baags of rubbish it doesn't only 4, and if you leave the lid ajar with the 5th bag, the bin men take the top bag off and leave it on the floor! he also has the problem that one of his 3 boys is disabled and needs to wear pads, so his waste is higher than a noraml family of 5, and the council shows no interest in resloving the fact they do have a reason why the need to go above the set limits. He even asked for two bins and they said no!

So when his neighbours are unable to lend bin space he travels across town to his mums, she lives on her own since the death of father-in-law, and she throws about 1/2 a bag of rubbish a week, so that the rest of his rubbish is taken.

But mum has problems,she is finding that other people are plonking there excess rubbish along with her little 1/2 bag of rubbish, she doesn't mind people leaving there excess bags with hers, but what she does mind is when they do it and overload her quota, she was finding that when the bin men had been they would leave behind other people rubbish that had beeen left outside her house.

The poor women was having to get up early in the morning to remove bags away that weren't hers... We have managed to stop it to a certain extent by my brother-in-law threating to thump certain culprits on several occasions, when his rooted through there rubbish for a address to take it back and have a go... Very sad that a change in council policy could end up with court charges if he did end up thumping someone.

  Mikè 21:47 04 Oct 2006

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My Local council claims the chips would only ever be used to monitor trends, believe that if you will!

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