Pay to Post

  kev.Ifty 22:53 08 Jul 2004

If PCA decided that this forum had to be subscription based or pay for in some way.

How would we raise the money to prevent this happening?

What sponsored events could we arrange to provide
some income?

  stalion 22:59 08 Jul 2004

we would have to subscribe and if the fee was reasonable I think most members would

  accord 23:26 08 Jul 2004

but how would you charge, a fixed monthly rate? per threads posted? per threads replied? the more threads replied to then you get a discount? the more times you log on and start or reply to a thread you get a discount? it could go on for ever.

  norman47 23:29 08 Jul 2004

I subscribe directly to PCA for the magazine, as this helps for the upkeep of the site and it's a great magazine. My subscription is due and I will renew it.

But, lousy grammar, how can they post it off for under two quid a issue. They want about £11 odd for 6 months. I think it retails at £3.25. Do retailers and transport get that much profit.I think most subscribers would absorb and extra 25p or 50p an issue.

This topic did rear it's head quite awhile ago, when some members thought PCA was in trouble. The rumours seemed groundless and PCA has gone from strength to strength. Long may it continue.

  Forum Editor 23:55 08 Jul 2004

you can always send a crisp fiver to me at PCA. If say, 50,000 of you did that I would be able to take my wife on a short holiday in the sun, and still have some change left over for a new computer or two.

Come on, just a fiver - you know you wouldn't miss it.

  norman47 00:14 09 Jul 2004

You have fallen down on few basic rules of assertiveness.

Firstly your request should have been for £10, members would have thought stuff that I'll send him a fiver.

Secondly, if the same attitude prevailed to your fiver, would they send you loose change? £2.50p

next, you forgot to mention your drop box, er P.O box number.

and finally you forgot to insert the human interest section, er tiny Tim has broken his leg and the NHS says it will be a 3 year waiting list. It would seem that if I take him, my wife and assorted relatives to Barbados they will fix said broken leg for £10,000.

My 20% can be paid into .......

  accord 08:09 09 Jul 2004

FE: times cant be that hard that you have to ask forum members for money so you can take the misses away surely. you could always ask captain cash in the news of the world if he still there.

  rogertjj 09:04 09 Jul 2004

Personally, I would be more than happy to pay an annual fee to be able to access these forums.

I don't think that you could give discounts based on replies, because there would no doubt be people that responded to threads with a completely meaningless answer like 'the elephant is in the fridge' just so they could be credited with a reply.

It does make you realise how lucky we are to be able to have this forum for nowt, and hopefully we will continue to do so. But, if the time comes for a subscription, I would be more than happy to pay for it.

  Sethhaniel 09:48 09 Jul 2004

you have to subscribe to - offering the same help
So why do you think there are 143,499 members are here - if you put a subscription wait and see how much help dissapears to the next free venue -as it is the members with the information - so the free forums will have the top info from those members dropping off from the paid forums
- All you have to do is look into the other forums and see the same names cropping up time and again -
I think PCA's Forum -being Free- pays for itself in its publicity -143,499 people spreading the good word - better than 143,499 moaning 'You have to pay for advise' - And in my experience one of my postings has still to be resolved - so paying for nothing';@

  €dstowe 10:47 09 Jul 2004

What about the people who rarely, if ever, post a question but are very frequent with replies and answer to problems? Are they expected to pay for the privilege of helping someone out of the mire?

  Old Shep 11:03 09 Jul 2004

I agree with you entirely. Lots of the regulars are only too happy to help someone for free. Having organised many golfing and fishing events in my life I know only too well that once you say put your hand in your pocket for the money they drop like ninepins. If people had to pay to come on this site it would disappear quicker than water down a plughole.

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