Pay to access websites - would you?

  cycoze 13:38 10 Nov 2009

After reading a couple of threads here, one regarding on-site advertising click here , the other about news site proposing to charge click here , I was interested to find out what others thought about paying for access, or if anyone already does, so I'll break it down into separate questions...

#1- do you pay to access any sites now ? (don't need/want to know about internet access etc).

#2- would you consider paying for access to any sites ?

#3- what's an acceptable amount to pay annually ? (sure this will vary on site subject/content).

#4- for free sites how much advertising is acceptable before you would give up on a site.

#5- have you ever donated to keep a site on-line or for it's free software, ie: Spybot SD, Spywareblaster ?

  cycoze 13:47 10 Nov 2009

I better answer myself...

#1- yes, pay for a couple of sites already.

#2- Yes, if the site has content I want and is reasonably priced, one site I was looking at is wanting far too much (£130pa)).

#3- For myself £15 to £30pa, works out similar to a cheaper magazine I feel.

#4- static ad's are fine, a pop-up or full screen ad every dozen or so pages gets away with it, any more and I would either get my wallet out or leave.

#5- Yes, given a couple of times, most recently £5 for free ware, the payment removed advertising.

  interzone55 14:13 10 Nov 2009

#1 No, but I pay for access to a usenet server

#2 Not for general news, there's too many free sites that offer similar or better facilities

#3 This will depend entirely on the content. Personally I can think of nothing I'd pay for, but if all the newspapers shifted over night to a pay model I'd perhaps pay half the price of the physical paper to have full access to The Guardian and it's archives

#4 I tend to ignore adverts as long as they don't jump out at me, so the static ads down the side of the screen are fine. The Blackberry ad seems to be badly conceived and poorly received. I really dislike the whole page ads that crop up on some US sites that stay in place for 15 seconds or so before showing the website, kind of like the adverts on a DVD that can't be skipped through.

#5 I paid full whack for Forte Agent to gain yEnc decoding

  wiz-king 14:15 10 Nov 2009

#1 sort of - I am a member of a society and can access areas the non-members cant

#2 yes

#3 £20

#4 depends on the amount

#5 yes

  canarieslover 14:44 10 Nov 2009

1 - No
2 - Maybe
3 - Up to £20
4 - Reasonable amounts of preferably static adds.
5 - Yes.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 14:46 10 Nov 2009

#1- Yes, some music related websites. Worth every penny.

#2- If I felt I needed it and it was a fair price, yes

#3- All depends on content of course. Magazine style sites: maybe £5-£10? Downloadable exclusive content: maybe anything up to £120? - If this includes things like a Technet subscription then I will consider it if a good deal turns up.

#4- Basic banners, side images etc are all acceptable. Pop-ups are ok in moderation. Google ads etc are ok.

#5- I have on a few occasions.

  sunnystaines 14:49 10 Nov 2009

would not pay, just move to similar sites

  Woolwell 14:54 10 Nov 2009

It depends on the quality and availability of the information. I subscribe to ancestry because I do family history research and I find that is a good way to get the information.
I find I can get news, weather, sport information without paying and doubt that I would want to pay for it. Most of these sites carry some form of advertising. The BBC advertises itself.

  bremner 15:57 10 Nov 2009

I believe Spotify and others have a solution.

You can pay a subscription and have an ad free site or have free access and accept the ads.

  donki 11:59 11 Nov 2009

I dont mind advertisments at all unless they obstruct my viwing of the information I am lookign for. The bolder and more obtrusve the advertisment the more likely I am to close it down or ignore it. To be honest I am not greatly influenced by adverts online, I can't actually remmeber the last tiem i clicked on one.

  Quickbeam 12:06 11 Nov 2009

Depends on what you get for your money. I wouldn't pay for the condensed content of any newspapers.

I think I would pay for PCA magazine in it's entirety as an e-mag, if it came as it comes in the paper version. Ans so with other periodicals that I now buy, I would buy an e version also, if it came as it was printed.

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