The Paul Cartetr's and kent council

  finerty 09:45 16 May 2012

Kent Council

Here we have a classic council throwing away tax payers money.

Whose problem is this Kenty council's? and why have they not reprimanded the people who caused the error in the first place, you know the person who clicked a couple buttons on the payroll computer who now lost around £21,398.00

For £20,0000.00 and they are still throwing money away trying to run after the man who did a runner.

I remember a Dame Shirley Porter who stole millions and did a runner. She paid some back so she couldn't be prosecuted but what a fraud

  spuds 11:45 16 May 2012

When you work for a big organisation, anything can and probably does happen. And this would not be an isolated incident of possible wrongdoing's. In most cases its takes a long time to find if errors have been made, and then it takes even longer on how to return any losses, if at all!.

One thing I find rather strange about this incident, which is perhaps similar to one that is being investigated with one of our local council leader's, is how the leader's never seem to know about these things until it is brought to their attention. Perhaps the public are paying council leaders and councillor's far to much in 'allowances'. I mention 'allowances' because apparently they do not get wages for the work and long hours they do and provide for the public?.

  Chegs ®™ 16:13 16 May 2012

I don't think the council should waste any more money chasing this man.Administration errors do occur so in a department with more than 1 employee,finding out exactly who was responsible would be possible but not guaranteed.

Our councillors were given an award for their prudence,which required TEN of them to travel to London for an overnight stay to collect.The leader has just been awarded an additional £3000+ in allowances (as she has dealings with the Nuclear Industry so it's a kind of hazard payment)but her & the rest of the council executive are being slammed for failure to deliver on a massive investment(over 5.5 million)and many other failures attracting outside investment.

  Forum Editor 22:37 16 May 2012

"And all the time, he's running an overdraft...."

Nothing wrong with that, surely? Millions of people run overdrafts. People aren't criticised for running credit cards, so why the problem with an overdraft, which amounts to the same thing?

That said, it does seem odd that this man didn't realise that his salary/allowance hadn't been paid for six months.

He's done nothing wrong however; the mistake was made by the payroll department,and the recipient, the other Paul Carter, has committed an offence. The losers are the citizens of Kent.

The media love this kind of story, but in the overall scheme of things it's hardly an earth-shattering event.

  interzone55 15:03 17 May 2012

This happens incredibly frequently.

My partner started a new job a month ago, and her first salary payment didn't happen because the payroll department had transposed two numbers in her account number.

Most times the money is returned straight away by the bank because the recipients names are different, but if the names are similar the money will be paid in. The wrongful recipient is supposed to pay the money back, but often they can't be found.

  spuds 16:31 17 May 2012


As alan14 suggests, these sort of errors are perhaps not unknown,and are usually picked very quickly, possibly after the first month, if payment is monthly. But in this case it went on for seven months, and apparently was picked up by someone else, not the council leader?.

I wonder how many other people would be a little reckless or seemingly unconcerned with £20.000. If my monthly bank statements appear incorrect, I would very sharply resolve the issues?.

In my own local council chambers, I have had a councillor tell me that his job as a councillor was purely voluntary, because he never made a penny in being a councillor, in fact he stressed the point, that being a councillor cost him money. That same person was also a chair-person of a number of high public expenditure committee's, deciding how public money was going to be spent. Perhaps luckily, that particular councillor only lasted one and a half terms, before the public decided not to vote for him again.

I am not suggesting that this particular council leader as done anything wrong, but if I was a person involved with Kent council, then I might be a little concerned. I would perhaps suspect that this issue was only picked up, by an internal audit!.

Regarding media interest, then this is a news event that the public should be made aware, because all to often the media only find out about these things by using the Freedom of Information Act, and are then able to pass it onto the public and other relevant outlets. Some people might not have the slightest interest in this sort of information, others might. Especially were in concerns public money?.

A few years ago, my local police force wrote off over £200.000.00 due to an administration error, by double paying a bill, and the company who received the payment, then went bust. The public may have never known about this, unless the media had published the facts at the time, after using the Freedom of Information Act. Yet on the other hand, we the public are constantly being informed rather loudly about loss of resources, funding and less recruitment, but not poor administration!.

I appear to be a bit grumpy today!

  spuds 16:34 17 May 2012

Alan14 Apologies. I appear to have addressed the above to you personally, it wasn't intended to appear that way.

  interzone55 20:11 17 May 2012


No worries...

  realist 20:24 17 May 2012

We Kent council-tax payers have in the recent past seen our County Council "invest" £50,000,000 of our money in failing Icelandic Banks, spend over £1,000,000 on a vanity project for a "Kent TV" station watched by virtually no-one, and make grandiose compensation payments to former employees. Oh, there was also the Big Idea to put Kent on the "world stage" which of course would have required Councillors to endure quite a lot of expenses-paid international travel. Did I mention the plan to twin Kent with a tribe of North American Indians?

Here in Kent, the strange case of the £20K and the two Mr Carters hardly raised an eyebrow.....

  finerty 20:27 17 May 2012

Im sure FE you would of been taught prudence by your parents or school teachers, when it comes to reading and knowing your bank statements, i would expect the leaders of councils to use the same knowledge and apply prudence to their payroll systems.

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