Patio Heaters, anyone?

  Graham. 15:00 29 Mar 2011

How often will you use your Patio Heater this summer?

  Quickbeam 15:02 29 Mar 2011

I use a table top one in an enclosed gazebo, but for outside open just put another fleece on and save the planet!

  Forum Editor 15:32 29 Mar 2011


I cannot think of a more efficient way of throwing money down the drain than these ridiculous devices.

There used to be a restaurant on The Peak in Hong Kong that was much frequented by the ex-pat community. It's closed now, but when it was open they used to bring these heaters and stand them by the tables on their terrace, so nobody got chilled when the temperature dropped below 65F. Straight off the plane from London the same day I used to sit there wondering about people who ran air-con all day and then heaters for al-fresco dining.

We eat outside a lot in the summer, and if anyone's chilly they can put on a sweater.

  interzone55 15:48 29 Mar 2011

We have one of those Chimea's, puts out a serious amount of heat and simply burns up any rubbish we have knocking around.

Wouldn't dream of using a gas or halogen patio heater, like FE, when it get's chilly we put on a coat, and when it gets hot inside we shed clothing rather than run the air-con that a previous owner installed...

  BT 16:56 29 Mar 2011

The people next door to me have one. It leans against the corner of the fence by their conservatory and the cover on it disintegrates and is replaced about twice a year. I think they have used it once in the 4 years they have been there. What I can't understand is why they leave it out all the time rather than putting it away in their garage or large shed and saving the cost of new covers all the time.

  interzone55 17:08 29 Mar 2011

probably because the kind of person who thinks a Patio Heater is a sensible idea doesn't have the common sense to put it in storage when not in use.

Or maybe their garage and shed are both full of other useless crap

  BT 17:12 29 Mar 2011

Your last comment is probably right, although his garage tends to be full of carpets etc. He runs a carpet fitting business from it.

  spuds 17:14 29 Mar 2011

Had one and gave it away, but it doesn't stop me hogging the neighbours when they have theirs on.

Taking the FE's remark a little further, I remember the times when I use to visit a rather cold, damp and occasional windy Hong Kong after being in the jungle areas of Borneo etc, and all my UK stuff was back in Singapore or KL. A few warmer clothes made by the local made to measure suit in 3 hours wizard on Nathan Road, and warm surroundings made life that little more pleasant and interesting.

  Graham. 17:54 29 Mar 2011

Many of my neighbours have one, again, only been used once.

  Forum Editor 18:34 29 Mar 2011

you're trying to warm up the UK - I just can't see any sense in these heaters. It's like driving with the aircon on full blast and the windows open, only the reverse.

  oresome 18:35 29 Mar 2011

The BBQ has been put to good use already. Sirloin steak, mushrooms and onions.

No heater, so we ate in.

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