stalion 22:09 23 Feb 2005

do you think we should all have our own password to access the forum in light of the obnoxious posts of late.
Lets have a discussion on this if possible it's just an idea.

  Dan the Confused 22:36 23 Feb 2005

I thought we already did?

  rdave13 22:40 23 Feb 2005

have missed the "obnoxious posts" but surely that is the job of the moderator to delete or tone down such posts.Got enough passwords in my little black book as it is.

  Charence 00:24 24 Feb 2005

Don't we have passwords already? Maybe you've ticked the, remember me everytime I go to PCA?

Or you're maybe talking about something completely different?! Sorry for not quite understanding what you're wanting to discuss (I've been doing coursework all day and very tired so I'm not quite alert right now!).


  Forum Editor 00:47 24 Feb 2005

Everyone already has a password, and obnoxious posts are nothing new - there have been thousands of them over the years, but life goes on.

  It's Me 12:47 24 Feb 2005

So now that you have us all waiting for the second boot to drop, are you going to let us into your secret of what you mean? Or is this an Inland Revenue joke?:)) (They rarely ever say what they actually mean)

  stalion 19:33 24 Feb 2005

What I am saying is even though we have passwords members can change their names at any time so can they also change their passwords?
If so, then they can post inflammatary threads after being banned without recognition

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:59 24 Feb 2005

I agree with Stalion. If you disconnect from your isp and reconnect your ip address changes so, using false details, you can assume a new identity undetected.

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