v1asco 15:58 07 Aug 2007

My son has just been told to take his NI Card and Passport into work so that they can copy them. He works for a large department store chain, one day a week. There is absolutely no likelyhood of him using his passport for work.

He is under 18, so I asked why. It was to confirm he is eligible for work and to send a copy to HQ.

Is this a new trend?

I would say sighting the Passport may be OK, but assuming the Company wants a copy or no job, do they have the right to demand this?

Lots of Companies have a valid reason to make copies, mine included. However serving cups of coffee doesn't really come under the same umbrella (unless they are sending him to Costa Rica to get the beans).



  monkeyboy21 16:08 07 Aug 2007

I work for a recruitment company, and as such we always ask new staff for a copy of their pass port to prove they are eligible to work in the uk. It is now one of the safest documents to use to identify a person.

If the member of staff does not possess one then we have to ask for several forms of ID before we can offer them work. This is to show that we have shown due diligence and we are not employing an illegal worker, or a person who is not eligible to work in the uk.

This has come in to force when the Government came under pressure after all the illegal immigrants found to be working.

  wallbash 16:09 07 Aug 2007

If he had turned round and denied having a passport,would he still be working there?

Seems a bit over the top.

  lisa02 16:18 07 Aug 2007

I have been asked for passports in jobs including this one. It happens during the recruitment process. It's simple.... don't comply with their recruitment process and you won't be processed. Result = no job.

  mrgrockle 16:40 07 Aug 2007

At my last interview in the NHS i had to prove that i had the right to work in the UK.
Strange this from an NHS Trust who has recently had 25 nurses found to be in the UK as Illegals!
So the checking sometimes may not work!!!

  laurie53 20:40 07 Aug 2007

I have no objection to such documents being checked, but why do they need to copy them?

  Al94 20:48 07 Aug 2007

to keep proof of the check on file?

  Forum Editor 22:49 07 Aug 2007


  BT 07:50 08 Aug 2007

My Solicitor requested copies of both mine and my wifes Passports when buying and selling property. Its apparently an anti money laundering measure.

  v1asco 08:28 08 Aug 2007

Very informative and I can see the reasoning, though I still have my reservations about them using passport details this way.

maybe just an indication of the way we have to live now.

  Simsy 08:57 08 Aug 2007

the reasoning in wanting to SEE a passport, but is there perhaps an issue in allowing it to be copied?

I recently had to have a CRB check, for football referee registration. The person from the County FA that I had to see, had to SEE my passport, and other documents. He indicates on a form that he has seen them, and that they are valid, and sends the form off for processing. My passport wasn't copied, or sent off. The person checked they were valid and that was all.

It seems to me that so long as someone in authority does this, then that's all that is necessary?



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