ulrich 20:15 20 Mar 2007

10000 fraudulent passports issued last year. What is going on? It doesn't matter what part of the government, Health, Defence, Social, Home Office. They are being run by people who earn large salaries, but do not do their jobs. I am sick to deaf of hearing excuses from these people.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring, I dread to think.

  VoG II 20:28 20 Mar 2007

I heartily agree.

We also get nonsense like click here

My daughter (no longer a baby by a long way) recently had her photo rejected because it was "too dark" - it was taken by a professional photographer!

  Jackcoms 20:30 20 Mar 2007

"I am sick to deaf of hearing excuses from these people"

If you're deaf how can you hear the excuses?

I think the phrase you're after is "sick to death".

  ulrich 21:01 20 Mar 2007

I was wondering if anyone would spot my little error. Although listening to Mr Flintoff(trying to hold back the tears). Deaf would be a reasonable wish.

  tullie 22:41 20 Mar 2007

Ok then,whats a gueranteed way of proving identity?

  ulrich 22:56 20 Mar 2007

But one used to have proof from a Doctor, Police, vicar, Birth Certificate. I am sure something local could be done. There is no guarantee, I would like to know how these 10000 people got their passports, and how one terrorist had 7 in his own name. A lot of incompetence by high paid government employees.

  Forum Editor 23:02 20 Mar 2007

of government officials, be they well paid or not, and neither is it anything new. Fraudulently obtained passports have been in existence for decades, and no matter how much the Passport Office tries to tighten controls around blank passports there will always be people who will find that little chink in the armour.

The way to reduce or eliminate fraud is to increase the amount of technology in or on the passport itself, and in the systems that do the checking at ports of entry. We're working on that in the UK, but it's expensive and it takes time, both to devlop and to introduce.

  [email protected] 23:06 20 Mar 2007

Yep count me in mate i ALSO am sick to death of this money mad goverment,why dont they concentrate on area's that need looking at instead of others that dont,as for that link "VoG™" sent us ive looked at it & cant belie its true...why are they getting paid..its common sense that the baby's hair wasnt hiding any facial features,the words to be use here are "Attention to detail" passport office need a kik up the behind & so does john reid this wouldnt be the first time his names been dogged relating to his departments performance,10.000 false passports eh.....& thats just a round figure..just aint good enough

  Friday's Child 08:16 21 Mar 2007

There seems to be something amiss with their arithmetic as well.
They seem to say that 6.6 million passports were issued last year of which 600,000 were new applications and that the 10,000 false ones were 0.5% of issues.
0.5% of 6,600,000 = 33,000
0.5% of 600,000 = 3,000
or is there some new form of numbers being used?

  Monoux 08:50 21 Mar 2007

Friday's Child-- They were obviuosly educated
( not ) in the English state school system

  anchor 12:35 21 Mar 2007

From next year, when applying for a passport,
be prepared to attend a centre for a personal interview & "interrogation".

In 2009, all applicants, whether for new or renewal of their passports, will also have their fingerprints taken.

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