Passenger jet almost 'collided with UFO'

  Seth Haniel 19:17 19 Oct 2008
Locked 19/10/2008

A passenger jet heading for Heathrow almost collided with a UFO over Kent, according to the latest "X-files" to be released by the Government tomorrow.

In other reports US Air Force pilots were ordered to shoot down a UFO over East Anglia (the files don't say what happened next) and RAF Tornado jets were overtaken by another UFO over Germany.

The files from 1986-92 include claims from people who say they met or were abducted by aliens. They will be posted on the National Archives website.
Have to wait till tomorrow for details :)

  sunny staines 19:25 19 Oct 2008

was that the alitalia flight milan to heathrow?

  Miké 20:11 19 Oct 2008

Well in recent months I have been flying around the southern counties with my vision deliberately obscured, so I'm sure there will be an increase in sightings of unidentifed flying objects!

  Forum Editor 23:14 19 Oct 2008

one man from Somerset reported seeing a flying saucer land near the Feltham bypass and two aliens, dressed in black, apparently emerged.
One alien checked the engines while a second said - in fluent English - "capture that man before tells anybody else".

Somerset....isn't that where the cider apples grow?

  Brumas 23:18 19 Oct 2008

I was that man and I am living, under an assumed identity,in a secret cave under Glastonbury Tor. Life isn't too un-bearable as Elvis frequently pops in and has a natter :o))

  DieSse 00:55 20 Oct 2008

I might just restate the obvious -

U means Unidentified - not Flying Saucer.

Lots of things are unidentified until they are later on identified. Some (a very low number) never are identified. Still doesn't make them flying saucers.

  laurie53 07:52 20 Oct 2008

It's like the Electric Brae referred to in another thread.

An optical illusion!

  Quickbeam 08:05 20 Oct 2008

A couple of months ago our local police got numerous reports of a ghostly apparition in a hedge on a dark lane... Turned out to be a piece of builders plastic sheeting caught in a hedge and blowing in the wind!

When I was in The Lakes camping once, a schoolboy was near to absolute panic at the sight of a 'UFO' hovering over a hilltop for over an hour, and couldn't understand why we thought it so funny... Then the teacher spoiled the fun and told him it was the planet Venus:)

People can be very gullible in the dark.

  Seth Haniel 08:32 20 Oct 2008

Alitalia was correct

here's one possible explantion of the Alitalia incident -
they probably saw a UFO - simple as that

  Sapins 09:11 20 Oct 2008

The "object" was 10 feet long! If it was from outer space they must be on the small side then!

  Seth Haniel 10:31 20 Oct 2008

and it is being tracked on radar at the same time and at the same location - in the same place - it is probably 100% certain that the thing you saw was there.

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