Is this the party Mr Brown Supports

  jakimo 18:46 10 Jun 2009

Labour Minister Malik makes it clear what he supports

click here

  jakimo 18:56 10 Jun 2009

When you get a Labour Minister advicating the Muslim cause the BNP are going to get people voting for them.

  Spark6 19:08 10 Jun 2009

Shahid Malik obviously had a majority vote in his Parliamentary constituency, do you have a problem with that, what are you *advicating*?

  laurie53 20:09 10 Jun 2009

Like Nick Griffin - democratically elected by people who believe in and support his views.

One of the penalties of actually living in a democracy.

  interzone55 20:23 10 Jun 2009

Your link seems to be from the BNP's You Tube channel. The BNP have spin doctors who could easily out spin Alistair Campbell, but the problem is they're not very bright, and it's easy to see through their veil of lies if you open your eyes.

I treat anything the BNP say the same way I treat anything printed in the Daily Mail - I don't believe a word of it...

  Forum Editor 23:08 10 Jun 2009

what on earth is wrong with a Muslim expressing pride in the fact that we have Muslim MPs in this country.

Attitudes like yours are what promote racial hatred, not the fact that a democratically elected MP and Minister talks about people who share his faith being elected to parliament. You talk as though there's something wrong with being a Muslim.

He wasn't "advicating (sic) the Muslim cause" because there isn't a Muslim cause. I suggest that you learn a little bit more on the subject and listen a little bit less to people whose job it is to manipulate those who are unable to think for themselves.

  OTT_Buzzard 02:46 11 Jun 2009

The sooner people see people as people and not as a religion, race or colour, the sooner the world can move on.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 06:46 11 Jun 2009

I've spent a lot of time in Muslim countries and lot of time in 'Christian' countries and I would much rather be in a Muslim country as they have always offered help, friendship and shelter with no thought of any reward and are invariably open and thoughtful. They are the nicest bunch of people that I have ever met.

Most people comment about them without ever having talked to or even met a Muslim for more than a minute or two and judge them in the same way that non-christians judge the religion by the antics of the the frighteningly far right, bonkers, bible bashers/happy clappers in the Southern States.


  Kevscar1 09:35 11 Jun 2009

I can't understand any rational thinking person believing in any religon.
I mean there is supposed this all knowing all seeing all powerful compassionate diety.
Right would anyone with those powers and alleged compasion be able to stand aside and let us kill and torture each other in so many gruesome ways. To foully murder what are alledgedly his children.
Before you shout free will if you had those powers would you allow it to continue.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:39 11 Jun 2009

'I can't understand any rational thinking person believing in any religon..maybe so but I always respect a person's religion as it can be the most important thing in their life.


  dagnammit 13:15 11 Jun 2009

"Kindly tell me what on earth is wrong with a Muslim expressing pride in the fact that we have Muslim MPs in this country."

Well if a white Politician made a similar speach about his own people he'd be called racist.

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