Parking, how much do you pay?

  STREETWORK 19:20 27 Apr 2007

There is something happening in your neighbourhood, the council has increased parking charges.

In our town, when introduced 4 years ago it cost 20p to park for up to 1 hour. This has increased each year even after the council said it will not be a revenue making scheme, but will allow for more parking as it will stop people parking there all day. It has now been increased to 60p per hour, £1 for 2 hours, £1.50 for 4 hours and £3.00 all day.

Its only a small town, but what do you pay for the privilege of parking in your patch?...

  Jackcoms 19:23 27 Apr 2007

I don't park in town, I walk there.

However, if I did park, it works out at 1p per minute.

  Rigga 19:29 27 Apr 2007

Streetwork you're lucky, in Wolverhampton street parking is 50p for 20mins.

Which seems quite high to me, and a complete revenue raising exercise for the council.

However there are multi storey car parks that are slightly cheaper, not sure how much they are exactly.


  donki 19:35 27 Apr 2007

I work in belfast and commute 40 miles each day, any parking in belfast centre is at least £1.50/hour. I found "park and ride" from my local bus depot is cheaper and i get a nice nap foe an hour every morning.

  Woolwell 19:36 27 Apr 2007

Plymouth has a minimum of £1 for 1 hr. And charges for evening and Sunday parking in its carparks.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:39 27 Apr 2007

...and cerebrally challenged town councillors in our area cannot understand why people prefer to shop at out of town stores/malls and why the town centre is like a ghost town on Saturday afternoons and most other days.


  powerless 19:42 27 Apr 2007

Well as a permit holder I pay £27.50 a year to park on the avenue. Non permit holders can park for up to two hours and any longer reguires me to fill out a pass [£5 for a book of 20] so they can stay longer. It's only in effect Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

On another street [where my permit is also valid] they do have a pay and display but I do not know the prices.

  jack 19:55 27 Apr 2007

A new town centre shopping development allows 2 hours free then fee after that, I can do all I have to in less than an hour,
Better than that I dont have to get the car out at all if it is small stuff- simply walk to the corner to the road and pick up 'FastTrack' a bus system that runs on a dedicated track- that changes the traffic lights into its favour where it crosses intersections, runs every ten minutes into town centre or to local Hospital/Bluewater/Gravesend
all at clickerdy-click speed- and it is FREE

  oresome 20:15 27 Apr 2007

I have an aversion to paying to park. I live on the outskirts of a major city and have not visited the centre to shop more than once in the last 25 years.

Roadside parking is around 70p for 20 mins I think with a maximum stay of 2 hrs.

I do go into the centre to undertake repairs at customers premises. As I am never sure how long they will take, I usually put in for 2 hrs.

Here's the dilemma. If I need parts I have to go away and call back sometime later in the day. Now you can't revisit the same zone within a prescibed time.......something like 4 hrs...... but I have never been able to determine where the zones start and finish.

  Bingalau 20:29 27 Apr 2007

I've not taken my car into Liverpool for donkey's years now. I park at our local railway station and take the train, The train is free to us wrinklies and there is no room to park in Liverpool anyway. So I save on petrol and on parking fees. The train is also quicker. (Pity it was off last time I wanted to go to town). There's the rub!

  superhoops 20:31 27 Apr 2007

Parts of Central London are £9.60 for max 2 hours. And after you have paid the £8 congestion charge just for the priviledge of being there

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