Parking Fines are they right?

  1minute 09:58 16 Sep 2006

£100 fine reduced to £50 if you pay within 14 days. What would happen in the old days, would be that a parking warden would tell you to move off. Now it's done by cameras all very stealthy. George Orwell was right - Big Brother is watching us?

  hzhzhzhz 10:19 16 Sep 2006

Parking Fines are they right?


  hzhzhzhz 10:23 16 Sep 2006

Parking charges and times are displayed as are speed limits. Follow the rules, whether or not you agree and you should not have a problem. :-)

  jimv7 10:25 16 Sep 2006
  Forum Editor 10:31 16 Sep 2006

they are a fact of life, and there's nothing you or I can do about it.

In such circmstances I always find that the best thing is not to waste time worrying - just avoid parking illegally.

  surfmonkey #:@}© 10:33 16 Sep 2006

we have a fantastic traffic warden in the area where i work LGV multi drop he lets you park on all the loverly double yellow lines if you are loading/unloading he even has the time for a chat and a brew loverly man mind you if you park on the pavement within 16 inches of a wall wham bam you will get a ticket. Iguess hes just doing his job shame they all wernt like that on he deserves a MEDAL***

  Bingalau 10:53 16 Sep 2006

I spotted a little jobsworth in a service station on my way home from a trip down south, I think it was "Hilton Park service Station" just north of Birmingham. He was busy giving out tickets to lorry drivers who overstayed their two hours limit or whatever it is. Between issuing tickets he was going back to his own car which was parked on double yellow lines and also in a hatched?? area marked with "No Parking At All" signs. I told him that I thought he had a "Cheek" booking other drivers and yet parking where he shouldn't himself. He told me that he could park where he wanted and nobody could stop him. Incidently he wouldn't have been able to see through his rear window for football stickers and flags etc. (So I took a photo of him posing in his chosen spot) Who do I send the photo to? ..Bingalau..

  Jackcoms 10:56 16 Sep 2006

"Who do I send the photo to?"

The local Council in the Hilton Park area - together with an explanation of the circumstances.

They are this p***'s employers and, hopefully, will deal with him as they should do - by sacking him

  anskyber 11:01 16 Sep 2006

I think you will find that if it was a service station the car park is not highway or "public" land. The Council will not have an involvement. The service station operator will.

  Bingalau 13:03 16 Sep 2006

Jackcoms. anskyber. It looks like I should send a copy to both of them, the Council and the Service Station operator. If the car park is not highway or public land it would seem to me that no one has authority to dish out parking tickets anyway. I would have thought that it is part of the motorway system. Who paints the yellow lines? Who employs this person. I'm puzzled completely now. ..Bingalau..

  bremner 13:39 16 Sep 2006

click here for moto the people who run Hilton Park and their parking policy

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