Paradise on earth.

  LastChip 23:38 05 May 2008

Hello all,

I'm taking a break at the moment and think I've died and gone to heaven!

click here

Not the best of pictures, but I'm (sadly) no photographer.

If anyones interested, it's the Dominican Republic. Must be one of the best kept secrets in holiday destinations!

  spuds 17:29 06 May 2008

Watch out for the hurricanes ;o)

  LastChip 19:53 16 May 2008

Thanks for the warning spuds, but the official hurricane season doesn't start until June and it ends in December. That's why I went in May! Having said that, the really dodgy time is normally August-October, but last year, just when they thought they had got away with it, one hit in December.

I think perhaps fourm member, you miss-interpreted what I meant to say. On the whole, UK holiday companies don't promote the Dominican Republic heavily.

Interestingly, in an effort to find out more about what makes the country tick, I went on a "safari" with an excellent English speaking guide, that really wanted us to know "everything about his Country". One of the things he showed us (from afar) was the local prison. He explained that "you would rather go to hell than get put inside there". Apparently, if you are found with even the smallest amount of Marijuana, you can expect eight years inside. So clearly the government are attempting to stop this activity.

I could argue, Marseille is the capital of drugs trafficking from North Africa, but it doesn't stop people from holidaying in the South of France.

One has to remember the Dominican Republic is still very much a Third World country, but anything that helps them towards better living conditions in the most basic sense, has to be applauded.

Compared to us, in material terms, the people have nothing, yet you couldn't wish to meet a happier bunch, both inside and outside the resort. It makes you wonder just who has the better life style!

The point is, we are used to our way of living, often with all the associated pressures that arise, and they are happy with theirs. They will freely admit, they don't know what pressure means; at least, not in the way we understand it. But in different way, if you don't earn, you don't eat. So I guess in reality, they have pressures of their own.

  doctor92 21:02 16 May 2008

try this for paradise on earth

click here

just my opinion though

  LastChip 21:12 16 May 2008

But, can you guarantee sunshine every day?

That's the problem with all UK destinations. The Lake District and Snowdonia, to name just two, are absolutely stunning, but unless you really love rain, can also be the most miserable places on earth, when the weather is bad.

  Forum Editor 22:58 16 May 2008

but the Dominican Republic has a serious crime problem. Much of the Colombian cocaine production passes through the Dominican Republic on its way to America, and last year the government announced a major crime crackdown. Tourists are rarely the victims of crime, and when they are it's usually because they left the main thoroughfares, particularly after dark.

In the first six months of 2007 some 600 police officers were dismissed on suspicion of being involved in drug trafficking and other criminal activities.

Malaria and Rabies are common there, as is Dengue fever, which is on the increase. You shouldn't drink the tap water - there was a serious outbreak of gastro-intestinal illness at an hotel there in 2007.

  hssutton 23:11 16 May 2008

Will be there on the 25th. Not sure about the best kept secret though,it's been a very popular holiday destination for many years now.

"there was a serious outbreak of gastro-intestinal illness at an hotel there in 2007." There have been a number of this type of problem over the past few years.

  Blackhat 23:15 16 May 2008

Everyone has their own idea of paradise. My brother, for example, cannot stand temperatures above 25c and would love to live in a tent in Snowdonia.

Mrs. B and I found paradise when we got married on a beach on the Caribbean island of St Lucia. This is my next destination; I will let you know if it’s my kind of paradise when I get back in a few months.

click here#

I intend to be out and about most days doing the tourist thing. Lots of history to discover and some great wildlife parks.

  tullie 02:12 17 May 2008

I agree with hssutton,its been a populer and well known destination for years.As for the crime aspect,it hasent stopped people comng here has it?

  Si_L 07:28 17 May 2008

Anyone been to the beaches in Goa? Doesn't get better than that...

  Forum Editor 08:30 17 May 2008

I know St. Lucia fairly well, and I think I can guarantee you'll have a great time. I particularly recommend a trip out to look for whales; even if you don't see any you'll have dozens of dolphins riding escort on your boat.

One one particularly memorable evening I sat eating dinner on my beachfront veranda and saw baby turtles crawling out of the sand less than a metre away.

Enjoy your holiday. June sees the start of increased rainfall and the beginning of the hurrican season, so fingers crossed!

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