spikeychris 17:45 15 May 2007

click here to see last nights episode. I'm not making any judgements, it is however fascinating

  Kate B 18:31 15 May 2007

I'm not surprised Sweeney lost it - having seen his rage in context, it's a miracle he didn't go further in the face of such provocation. And it reflects well on him and the Panorama team that they left that in rather than airbrush it out of the story.

  spikeychris 18:37 15 May 2007

There are few things irritate me more than being told what we should ask! I think the production team had little choice regarding the outburst, the contributors own team were filming the same scene. That said there is a very strong chance I would be looking for another job as the BBC would have sacked me after smacking him in the chops.

  oresome 18:46 15 May 2007

"And it reflects well on him and the Panorama team that they left that in rather than airbrush it out of the story."

Not quite. My understanding is that the outburst was already in the public domain, which forced the BBC's hand. And it doesn't reflect well on him.

  spikeychris 18:49 15 May 2007

You need to watch the program, YouTube clips offer a very small insight.

  Forum Editor 19:01 15 May 2007

that he/she would never lose it under any form of extreme provocation is almost certainly a liar.

On this occasion John Sweeney was subjected to some pretty nasty treatment over a period of time, and that obviously had a cumulative effect, added to which his attempts to get some real information about the way Scientology really works were constantly frustrated. It must have felt like shovelling smoke, and we saw only a small part of what actually happened.

In a very human way the sheer frustration poured out of him at last, and unfortunately it happened on camera. He has since apologised to just about everyone, and his very public outburst will no doubt haunt him for a very long time.

I feel deeply sorry for him, and my distaste for Scientology has quadrupled overnight.

  p;3 19:17 15 May 2007

I am listening to the on line video commentary; the phrase 'brain-washing' comes to mind .....

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:34 15 May 2007

I thought that he held up remarkably well. Confronted with such an irritatingly smug plastic clone like 'Tommy' I would have chinned him and his gormless camera operators from here to Hubbards' eternity. My opinion of Scientology was languishing somewhere between the philosophies of Charlie Drake and Norman is now lower than a rattlesnakes' bottom.


  sunny staines 20:08 15 May 2007

moonies / waco reborn

  Jak_1 20:20 15 May 2007

I have not seen it but knowing someone who is a scientologist and the drivel he comes out with and the way he tries to persuade others to follow his ways then nothing surprises me. He was told by me, in no uncertain terms, that he was never to mention the subject in front of me!

  wallbash 20:39 15 May 2007

We could all say very easily how lothsome we think
Scientology is BUT

To play Devil's Advocate here!

John Sweeny/Panorama went to the USA followed/ interviewed/ members of the 'Church'
In return , haven't the 'cult' followers the right to vigorously defend themselves?

J.S. pointed out the cars that were following him. and the gentleman that 'joined ' him for breakfast for a couple of days.

In defense , we have ALL seen journalists camp outside a location in the pursuit of a story. Which must in return be a bit scary.

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