panic or not

  mobileman1953 08:55 27 Mar 2009

click here , will this panic people do you think

  crosstrainer 08:57 27 Mar 2009

Confliker has ben around for quite a while now....No I see no need to panic, given a properly protected PC.

  wiz-king 08:57 27 Mar 2009

No, the Sun readers only look at pictures with boobs they dont read the 'news'. *grin*

  crosstrainer 08:58 27 Mar 2009

Now now :)) True mind!

  wolfie3000 09:13 27 Mar 2009

I expect most sun readers don't even own a pc.

  Brumas 09:14 27 Mar 2009

Thank heavens I migrated to a Mac :o))

  crosstrainer 09:17 27 Mar 2009

Now calm down, calm down!!

  crosstrainer 09:17 27 Mar 2009

Can we assume that you read the Sun then? :))

  crosstrainer 09:19 27 Mar 2009

Should also have pointed out.....

I suppose you regard yourself as "One of the elite" now?


  wolfie3000 09:22 27 Mar 2009

Macs are like the girls in the sun newspaper, pretty to look at but utterly useless for practical tasks.

  Brumas 11:49 27 Mar 2009

What a load of tosh!!! How can PC's be considered practical and reliable when they are always crashing and are prone to constant virus attacks. You wish Windows was OSX, but if Windows 7 is Vista reworked you are in trouble. I don't really need anti virus software or CCleaner because the operating system is so well thought out. The Mac Operating System is a very stable platform and copes with everything that is thrown at it and doesn't know the meaning of the 'B.S.O.D.'

Should I be demented enough to want to run Windows, I could on my machine, could you run OSX or yours (legally)?

As somebody who has used both PCs and Macs I can quite easily speak from experience. As a matter of fact, my son, who works in the industry is a Gamer yet choses to run an iMac - speaks for itself really, doesn't it?

I don't read the Sun!

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