The Panama leak - My Name

  wee eddie 17:35 04 Apr 2016

I have been through the list with a fine toothed comb.

I'm very upset, I can find my name nowhere

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:55 04 Apr 2016

Then your safe - the taxman still won't know where your'e keeping your money.


  daz60 18:12 04 Apr 2016

Lucky you,give a thought for whomever released these documents,i fear underworld contracts will be the order of the day.!!

  x123 15:06 09 Apr 2016

Will these Panama revelations have a detrimental effect on Cameron's EU remain campaign?


Was it wise to spend £9million of taxpayers money on one-sided propaganda?


I'm afraid he has done our 'stay' arguments a lot of harm by presenting this to the Brexiters.

Yes he has. It could turn the undecided and even those who just favour to stay in, to vote leave.

  john bunyan 15:56 09 Apr 2016

What is doing far more harm to the "Remain" camp is the almost universal "Out" stance of newspapers such as the Mail , Express etc. They show a totally biased stance, far outweighing any Government leaflet. I have no particular love for Cameron , but he seems to have done nothing illegal and has declared profits on overseas investments and paid tax on them. These hedge funds - the good ones are mostly offshore to service an international clientele , and customers pay tax when the assets are brought in. Many, through pension funds etc use them. I suspect the newspapers and the Tory "Out" camp are stirring it for Cameron, who has handled it badly

  Forum Editor 16:05 09 Apr 2016

It will, as they say, all come out in the wash.

Arguments about £9 million on leaflets and off-shore income are all part of the media mix leading up to the referendum. By the time we come to vote there will have been a whole lot more media frenzy, accusations and counter accusations and inter-character sniping.

It's politics. Life will go on.

  Pine Man 16:29 09 Apr 2016

I am firmly in favour of staying in the EU and I still am despite what has been happening recently as that will not effect the outcome of staying or leaving.

I certainly think that the Tory decision to spend £9 million on leaflets was naive in the extreme and they could well live to regret it.

As far as David Camerons response to the Panama issue goes it was, at best, ill thought out and at worst verging on suicidal! On the face of it he has done nothing wrong at all but those who weren't his staunchest allies will now have loads of ammunition to try and shoot him down with. He certainly appears to have complied with all his tax responsibilities BUT that is not the only issue. By using an off-shore account he has achieved a better rate of return on his investment as that off-shore company can afford to pay bigger dividends because IT doesn't pay any tax at all.

  john bunyan 16:32 09 Apr 2016


The knives seem to be out , not only from plebs but also from patricians in his own party - a Julius Caesar moment may be near. Maybe Cameron and Corbyn will both be deposed. He made an error but, in my view he should stay and see the referendum through. The Press bias may well determine the result.

  LastChip 21:56 09 Apr 2016

Cameron, like all top politicians, is an extremely devious person. But he's not alone in that and any party you like to name will have characters equally as devious. He tells just enough of the truth so he can't be branded a liar, but insufficient to tell the whole story. For example, his claim the document he bought back from the EU is now a reformed Europe is laughable, but if you take it in it's strictest sense, could be justifiably claimed to be true. After all, any change is a reform!

As the EU has raised it's head in this thread, how can it possibly be fair, the government may spend £9+m in producing a propaganda booklet, when the whole of the exit campaign is limited to £7m?

People want the facts spelled out on BOTH sides of the argument and a one sided blast of pretty vague claims, coupled with half truths, is only going to fool the thickest of people.

That aside, is it good use of my and your money spending £9m on a booklet, when services are being cut everywhere? Absolutely not. The whole of the text well edited could probably been delivered on a two sided A4 piece of paper and wouldn't have cost anything like £9+m. It's disgraceful.

  wee eddie 22:06 09 Apr 2016

Spending 9 million, in terms of the Government's total spending, is the equivalent of you buying a copy of the Sun, tomorrow

  LastChip 22:56 09 Apr 2016

wee eddie; irrelevant.

Any spending in the present situation must be justifiable. Whether £9+m is like "buying the Sun" or not, it is indefensible and does not provide the promised level playing field for both sides of the discussion.

In fact if the Government took control of spending in a less frivolous fashion, the country would be considerably better off.

They can find £9m for propaganda, but cut support for the disabled, will fight tooth and nail with hospital doctors and let more than 300 libraries close without batting an eyelid.

PCO's in the police force are being cut by the bucket load and as an aside, my 89 year old mother-law just two days ago had to wait in excess of 2 hours (on the floor as she couldn't be moved) for an ambulance after a nasty fall with a suspected broken hip - a low priority apparently!

I was taught as a child, look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. Something which I seriously doubt any Government has ever heard of.

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