Paint Shop Pro 9

  ventanas 13:16 05 Aug 2004

Just seen on the JASC site. There's a beta available for download.

Looks like it will include some of the Photoshop features it was lacking - a proper history and selective undo, also vertical text (if anyone uses it).

  Curio 15:30 05 Aug 2004

I think I will wait until I have Paintshop Pro 8 properly weighed off before worrying about PSP 9.

  Falkyrn 10:25 06 Aug 2004

I generally wait and skip a generation .... usually because of their upgrade policy in the UK (it was cheaper for me to buy the retail version of PSP8 than it was to buy the upgrade from the UK Distributor)

  ventanas 10:56 06 Aug 2004

I don't understand that. I upgraded from 7 to 8 through Digital Workshop for around £25 + vat. The full retail is nearly £100

There has always been a very favourable upgrade policy with PSP which I have used since v3. Always a small fraction of the full retail price, so I don't know what went wrong in your case.

  georgemac 12:36 06 Aug 2004

have downloaded the paint shop pro studio beta to try - 145 MB download and it is just now sitting there saying 1 sec left to complete the download - looks like it will not complete.

felt like trying this as I do not need a full blown photo editing programme. will not be attempting the download again.

  Falkyrn 19:52 06 Aug 2004

Digital Workshop quoted me £69 to upgrade from version 7 to 8 ... and claimed this was a special offer for a valued customer.(!)

I was able to purchase the retail version from PC World for £49

  ventanas 08:22 09 Aug 2004

The reason could be that I had registered v7 as the offer I received from DW was a special pre-release price.

This incompleteion of download and stopping at 1% remaining has happened to me in the past with downloads also. I discovered a way to complete the download though and not lose data by reclicking the download link to start again but leaving the download window open - it usually jogs it into completing. Hope this works for you too.

  georgemac 20:33 09 Aug 2004

thanks, I'll remember this. May try it again but not for a couple of weeks till I get back from work.

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