a paid for av program works better than a free one

  p;3 23:02 03 Apr 2007

that seems to be the view of a colleague of mine who seems determined to get...dare I mention the name ..I think you may have guessed it..

I have tried to tell her that the free ones work just as well as a paid for one; but she seems to think that, if she pays for one it WILL work better ; she got infected recently with a few trogans and other stuff that untimately resulted in the comp needing a thorough clean and reinstall

determined NOT to get infected again she is going for 'a paid for antivirus program ' and just will NOT 'have it' that 'money itself 'does not buy protection

she thinks that if she pays for the av program it WILL protect her far better than a free one

oh deary me

  Belatucadrus 23:28 03 Apr 2007

In this case the protection isn't the significant point, peace of mind is and if she needs to pay for it so be it. I've been there several times before, people ask your advice, you explain carefully how avast! and AVG are both really good commercial software packages and the protection on the free one is the same as the paid one. But there eyes have already glazed over and you know they stopped listening the moment your suggestion didn't match what they'd already decided to do, which was update the ninety day sample the PC came with, after all if it's free it can't be any good.
Think calming mellow thoughts, let it wash over you and remember next time they ask for advice or help, there really is no point in giving it.
Why not get her to buy the pro version of avast! That way she's happy and alwil have a bit more money in the kitty, helping to perpetuate my favourite freebie.

  ArrGee 23:41 03 Apr 2007

This could be of interest to you:

click here

  Belatucadrus 12:00 04 Apr 2007

Not really, the freebies are ICSA rated and keep getting 100% percent pass rates at VirusBulletin and those are the comparative sites that I rate as worth noting. The others are so variable you can usually find one to suit your own opinion of a particular product.

  Totally-braindead 12:30 04 Apr 2007

I am probably in the minority here I fear.

Depending on the anti virus program and in the case of the paid for ones I am thinking specifically of NOD32. I do think that this would give better AV protection than the likes of AVG free.

Now before anyone jumps down my throat I use AVG free and its kept me safe for about 3 years now and I have installed AVG free on all my friends PCs as well and they too are happy and are virus free. But I believe that NOD32 is a better AV program than AVG, it catches more viruses in my opinion and in tests. I am not saying theres anything wrong with AVG if there was I wouldn't use it myself. All I am saying that NOD32 is a better anti virus program than AVG.

However even if you have the best AV program in the world if you surf the internet foolishly you will get hit by viruses and eventually your AV will fail. Common sense is an important part of keeping your computer safe.

And I know you're not talking about NOD32 p;3 I used it as an example as I believe its the best AV on the market just now. If you use a bit of common sense when surfing AVG will keep you safe enough as it has done with me. If you are completly nuts and have no common sense whatsoever then no anti virus free or paid for will help you.

  Jimmy14 12:43 04 Apr 2007

I'm keeping totally out of these type of discussions as you may already know.

  Totally-braindead 12:54 04 Apr 2007

Yes Jimmy14 I know.

  p;3 13:39 04 Apr 2007

the inference from my colleague and many others seems to be that if you actually do pay FOR the av program it WILL work better

and in many conversations I have the name I will not mention keeps cropping us as a kind of 'computer bible' of 'correct and the must have protection' for any computer

when I do mention that there ARE free av programs out here , they still seem CONVINCED that their hard earned money will buy them 'superiour protection'

there is not much that IS free in today's world is there? so why pay FOR something that can be had quite legitimately for free?

(P3 scratches head vigorously!!)

  Belatucadrus 13:44 04 Apr 2007

I have no problem with people having personal preferences when they are based on experience. What I don't much care for is people who swear blind that product A is the bees knees and all the competitors suck, yet have no experience of using any of them.
I know you like Norton, but seem to remember you were testing AVG, so to my mind you have hands on experience of more than one product, can compare and offer a valid opinion. Whether I agree with it or not is academic, as personal opinions they're equally valid.

  riiverstock 14:02 04 Apr 2007

The acid test can only be when everyone is fighting off a global threat in the form of an internet infestation.

Till that day ....mine's is the best A/V and it ain't free.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:10 04 Apr 2007

'But I believe that NOD32 is a better AV program than AVG, it catches more viruses in my opinion and in tests.' and 'And I know you're not talking about NOD32 p;3 I used it as an example as I believe its the best AV on the market just now'

According to these tests click here and these more recent tests click here you would appear to be mistaken.


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