P2P to P2P that is the Question?

  Kase 23:21 24 Nov 2004

I have just trawled through 61 threads on the subject of P2P on this forum and would like to know is there a third way?. Is it possible to obtain downloads of ex copyright music and movies "in the public domain"? via the Net.

  MidgetMan 09:17 26 Nov 2004

yes, there is alot of public domain stuff out there for downloading, both films and music. A good place to start is /click here. If it is old games you want then do a google for abandonware and see what it throws up.

  Kase 11:36 27 Nov 2004

Thank you Midgetman a very interesting thread and one I will certainly use. until I trawled through the 61 threads on this forum I did not appreciate the bad name P2P seems to have obtained. I am not interested in pirated music or films that download with a Virus attachement. I pay for all my DVD's,not sad I hope. Yes I do think sometimes the price is a bit high but live in hope as new recording methods develop the old items become cheaper. I have via a relation just been loaned his old CD of half-life, so I will find out what all the hype is about the 2 version. Perhaps I should have used the term "Open Source" instead of P2P.Thanks again for the info.

  Forum Editor 12:01 27 Nov 2004

because of its association with illegal downloading, and it's a pity. P2P has much to commend it as a means of moving files from one remote computer to another, via a server, and in fact I often use it for just that purpose in my working life.

  Kase 12:51 27 Nov 2004

Further to my post I use Skype which I am told is P2P to talk to my son on the PC (his motivation) and this works very well and has saved some big phone bills, as it seems Forum Editor to be the illegal element that has tainted the term P2P perhaps some bright person can come up with a suitable definition for the legitimate use of this type of technology?. I have just read on a newsletter I subscribe to:
Nikki Hemmings for Sharman Networks(Kazaa V.3.0 integration with Skype) "Despite narrow-minded attemps by others to stymie P2P technology through litigation,boycotts and legistration. Sharman Networks remains committed to delivering on the promise of P2P". It all sounds very intense and emotive.

  Kase 16:18 27 Nov 2004

Midgetman, I have tried google on "abandonware" the mind boggles Its nice to know I am not the only person interested in these games, as they used to say "crazy man crazy"

  MidgetMan 11:23 28 Nov 2004

Your welcome, some very good programmes/games/films etc are free to download, it is just a matter of finding it!!!

Google is your friend!!

  Kase 20:58 29 Nov 2004

Midgetman many thanks

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